My little Hoya she's 100 years old this year she has bloomed every year for 85 years. she's so huge and beautiful the smell is so strong when she is flowering it makes your eyes water when you sit in the room with her . received her my Great grandmother. thought I would share. she's Amazing!

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  1. Well that’s part of what stresses me in that I’m also relying on my sister for assistance. Would the breeder take them back after 3 weeks due to me realizing the V needs more attention then I considered with at least some money back or am I lost out?

  2. Most reputable breeders make you sign a contract that if you don't want the dog that you have to give them the dog back but you don't get any money back that dog staying at your sister's house the way that it is and you visiting that's never going to be your dog after that dog's been there for a month it's going to be your sister's dog and it's going to think it's your sister's dog and it won't be attached to you like it's going to be attached to her I would not count on getting any of your money back I would contact the breeder and see if they will take the puppy back and if they will just be glad that she'll be going to a good place and I wouldn't worry about getting my money back cuz it's not going to happen sounds like a very poor decision to get this type of dog working 12 hours a day living alone in a small apartment none of these things are good for a Visa

  3. Yeah I called them and they said they’d take her back but some money back only if they can sell her. I’ve thought about switch to 8 hours which would be more attractive but not much in the foreseeable future so I’d need to figure out for the time being. I am planning on moving in the next couple months where I can keep her but that’s a good point.

  4. Sounds like best thing for you and the dog is to give the dog back and maybe get a little money and maybe not and just take the lesson away from it don't get a dog until you're ready. It's a very demanding dog. I know it seems cruel to just say I can't handle it but sometimes it's better to be honest and say you can't handle it and let the dog go to somebody who can and has the time and the space. And then when you're actually ready to get a dog then you can get a dog

  5. Woooowwww!!!!! She really is amazing 🤩🤩

  6. Thank you she blooms every year and the smell is so strong it's hard to sit in the room with her

  7. Any Hoya when they get this big it's good to have this one kind of looks like mine. But believe it or not mine is much much larger it's enormous. Lol

  8. Really!? You can’t just type that! We, hoya junkies, wanna see pics 🤩🤩🤩

  9. Oh there are pictures of her on here. The easiest way to find it is switch to top post of all time and it's the second post. It's my prized possession..!

  10. What type of sleeping schedule and how were the dogs sleeping and where were they sleeping before you got her? Was she weaned from the mom? Had they established any type of routine? Just curious because my Visa is 12 weeks old. We got ours at 8 weeks old and the breeder had already started potty training and establishing a bedtime by turning the lights off and playing country music. So my dog prefers to sleep and it's crate while listening to country music. With his blanket and his bear. But even with this the first two weeks were very long.

  11. Wow 2 I hope you love to run. I just got mine 3 weeks ago the first 2 weeks were exhausting. They are adorable. Welcome and good luck

  12. Yeah think i need my head examined but they are great and will def keep us active 😳

  13. Yes! They definitely will . The love to play and snuggle! They get bored easily. Since you can really socialize them until they are fully vaccinated. I got mine some food puzzles. He loves them keeps them busy and will keep them from chewing on everything! They love to chew when they get bored. Good luck. Can't wait to see some more pics..

  14. It has been $400 an oz for the best buds for a long time. No deals… They’ve had to reduce prices to compete with the legal market.

  15. That's a crazy price somebody was taxing the hell out of people! That's $6400 a lb that's $5650 to much! You were paying $400 oz are you being serious?

  16. Prob about a 50% markup or so I would guess 🫣 I could always get shit weed cheaply, but have always had to pay for the good stuff. It’s cheaper to buy hard drugs than pot these days…. What a shame.

  17. That's a bummer! Well at least now you can get it legit and cheeper. And hopefully they drop the price in the program. I'm lucky I have a good dispensary 5 minutes from my house. That stacks deals. I don't really have a point of reference for the price of hard drugs these days. The one and time I bought cocaine was in 1989 so there's

  18. They need lots of activities on leash time off leash time play and interaction time and they need to be mentally stimulated as well. Everyday! Food puzzles are great for that.

  19. That is an amazing name. I’m sure he is going to live up to it!!! Congrats

  20. Congrats and enjoy him.

  21. Check-in, weigh-in, and hangtag are all made at visitor center at beginning of approach trail.

  22. Just out of curiosity who are you checking -in with and why are you weighing -in? Do you have to have a tag now? I did my hikes in 91 and in 2015 I got my tag in the mail which was voluntary and never checked in with anybody signed the log book at the top of Springer that's about it.

  23. I did my first thru- hike in 1991 and turned 18 on trail and did my second in 2015 and turned 42 on the trail. They were two totally different hikes vastly different experiences. some things were easier and some things were harder.

  24. Flashback is not a medical term that is used or accurate. This just tells me you you don't have PTSD or know what it is. You are talking about panic disorder. anxiety and possibly D.I.D not "flashbacks"

  25. this is the definition of a flash back buddy, and yes you can have them even w/o going to war

  26. Dissociative reactions. Is the correct term according to the DSM I'm not saying that you're not experiencing something I'm just correcting you in the term flashback. You can look at all of the Google answers that you want but the real answers come from the dsm T-5.

  27. Weird! I never said anything about Epstein. But I mean come on there's plenty of videos of him sniffing kids

  28. Ohio's gov specifically rejected federal help (before later accepting it and getting it)

  29. I think you mean sniffing Ohio. He only sniffs younger states like Hawaii and Alaska.

  30. Beat the shit out of them. Stab them in the chest with your hiking pole. Kick the 20 times with your huge trail legs. Hit them with a rock. Any of these will work

  31. So awesome. Just picked up an “Alien Family” live resin diamond pen from them yesterday. Definitely enjoying it.

  32. The response from them was excellent. That vape looks 🔥🤤

  33. I thought so also. nice people those are photos of them working in the Lab today. Really cool the director of the lab responded to me and went out of his way to be informative. And yes it's really good. Definitely worth a try

  34. If you're cooking a cheesecake and you don't want it to sink cook it in a water bath since this has a crust on it I would put a pan of water in the oven with it since it has an interior of cheesecake like consistency.

  35. Breathing exercises, outdoor activity and microdosing psilocybin. I've never found a product in this program in 3 years that actually helps with my panic disorder. In fact most of it is panic inducing some of it less than others. But it does help with other things for me of course everyone is different.

  36. Bullshit. You wanted to build your fire there because it was cool. You didn’t do any sort of cost benefit analysis, because you wouldn’t have built the fire there if you did.

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