1. Take pictures of all the prescriptions just in case. When you're out in the middle of the woods hiking no long portion is going to make you open your bag and explain what everything is in it. It can happen at a bus station or an airport. If you were to get pulled over and they search the car. They aren't even going to do that pack. keep all the pills in one bottle to keep them from getting crushed or wet. They probably won't fill up the bottle all of the way so make sure you stuff the empty space in the bottle full of cotton balls so it doesn't rattle it will get annoying very quick speaking from experience!

  2. For that price I'd definitely buy it. That is the lowest price for a half I've heard of.

  3. It's a good deal thank you I will enjoy if you get a chance you should check out your Ohio dispensary they've had 1/2 oz for $35 consistently for the past 6 weeks

  4. Not around Cincy. Best deal I had was my last buy, a half of Grape Cookies smalls for $65. And that was with my 30% discount!

  5. They've yet to have the great cookies that cheap I wish that they would! Even $65 for a half ounce is not bad .

  6. Well if you want to get a real backpacking setup you're definitely going to want a better pack as far as gear companies go mountain hardware MSR osprey Big Agnes Nemo see the summit gossamer gear. A good backpack 2-400 a good sleeping bag same price a good tent 250 to 600

  7. There's also a parking lot at Cooper's Gap at 12.3 miles out from Springer and there's a parking lot there

  8. Thanks for the comment! Will definitely get a ground cloth of some sort.

  9. Before you go spend a bunch of money on a footprint for your tent if you know somebody that does construction have them get you a big piece of tyvek house wrap vapor barrier or see if you can get a piece at your local hardware store durable and weighs practically nothing and cheap

  10. I appreciate the feedback, I think ill ditch the rain mitts, umbrella, and possibly the chair. Ill primarily use the fleece pants and base layer as a sleep set. I also have 4 devices( garmin watch, inreach, headlamp, phone) that use different charging cords. I already have an adapter and im using short cords so im not sure how to cut down more.

  11. I completely agree with the person commenting above you're not going to want all those electronics and you're not going to want to add a personal care kit. You're going to have to buy stuff when you get in town anyway to wash your clothes I would add Ziploc bag with Gold Bond. Wipes work really well a company called Medline make some called ready bath bathing cloths one is big enough to wipe your whole body down and there are rent-free fragrance free. eight pack weights 80 g also some jolly ranchers. I know the rain pants seem like a good idea but it's going to be raining a lot and rain pants get so hot you're just as wet from sweat as you would be from rain. The rain is just part of the game if you can't take the rain you can't go to Maine. I've hiked the Appalachian trail twice first time in 91 and then in 2015. You just going to have to use to being wet especially started in February

  12. Eat what all hikers eat! oatmeal, tortillas, peanut butter, honey buns, Pop-Tarts, pepperoni, summer sausage, crushed up bags of chips, flattened bagels, spam, tuna fish, Snickers bars

  13. Hell of a deal! I can't believe I still haven't gone to POW

  14. You should go if you have the means. Tomorrow at London they have 20% off everything

  15. 35 bucks for a half... if it doesn't give you a headache and makes you mildly high its a huge find 😁

  16. I'm thinking of snagging either the Mushroom Cake or Cherry Jungle

  17. That's what I was trying to decide on I don't think you can go wrong with either one this one is really good though I will say that I would like to see what the premium flour looks like

  18. I've never been disappointed by them just wondering which I'll like better.

  19. I'll gladly help you clean up and get messy again. Love that Booty πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ”₯🀀

  20. Never tried their but I love Certified's Red Pop line.

  21. Strawberry Fields has a couple of them and so does The Botanist, both C-Bus..

  22. Some of them definitely sound good besides the ones that I have they had. Sunset sherbert x Oz Kush, banana cream cake, orange sherbert x Runtz, melanade, Sunshine biscuit, Dosi x Daddy UK cheese x girl scout cookie,

  23. There will be Plenty of rest areas that you can leave them at. So you can enjoy your trip. Just make sure you don't forget to pick them up on your way home.

  24. Depends on where you're going and how long you're going to be there! I see that coffee bag I've been looking at those who do you think about that thing do you like it?

  25. I haven't tried them yet but I thought after a day or so in the wild you would definitely need one to get through the day.

  26. Agree with that totally sometimes a warm cup of coffee can make or break a day. LOL I appreciate you trying them out I'm interested thanks again.

  27. Their amarello was only like 17% but 13mg/g of myrcene, shit rocked my world and tasted so sweet even when smoked

  28. Daaaaamn the best Pure Ohio Dayton has is $15 for 2.83g. :( Unless these 1/2oz bags you mention are not on Jane?

  29. Cut a piece of tarp to cover the whole. Glue it down with gorilla glue heavy duty fabric adhesive. Then you will have a place to stitch it into. Or you could find the placement so it's right for your pole and rivet it into place.

  30. I try to spend around $250 a month. But it's hard to pass on some of the sales when something that I really want. Or want to try. And living 5 minutes from two dispensaries doesn't help my cause either.

  31. Gas Face is a stinging, very high THC weed strain bred by Seed Junky Genetics. It's a hybrid combining Face Mints with a Biscotti x Sherbet backcross

  32. Nice! Sounds like I picked up the right one I like all of those! Thanks for the info..

  33. i love the look of that! thank you for your review my dude

  34. Do Rise employees get commissions for making post about their flower?

  35. No! But they do give you the good parking spot and a free turkey for Thanksgiving.

  36. Try the Animal Mints, L'Orange and Black me.

  37. I want to try the black Afghan but I've not seen it anywhere near me I'm definitely interested! Thanks for the heads up all the pictures that you have of it it all looks super nice

  38. I love the north rim in that part of Arizona and up into Utah it's beautiful the campsite at Cape final on the north rim is one of the best campsites in the whole entire park

  39. Yea I usually go every 2 weeks and pick up an ounce worth of multiple strains.. But it does get expensive that way because I stick to 10ths and 5ths because I like multiple strains at a time.. But usually I try to do it with the 25 - 30% off sales..

  40. Same here I'm a bargain shopper there's almost no flower I'm willing to pay full price for. Especially when they have an early bird and a happy hour and I can get 10% off tomorrow you can get 35% off all standard wellness at the forest. It's good but I'm burnt out on their flower even the new stuff.

  41. I've had Standard Wellness one time.. It was their Death Star and it didn't impress me.. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great either. But yea I won't pay full price either, even though I only buy small which makes it a little pricier. But I will at least make sure there is some kind of a sale going on with the product I buy. I don't care if it's only 10% off, it's the principle of it.. The shit is too expensive and their base prices are fucking ludicrous and I refuse to pay what they are asking for it without some discount.. lol

  42. I'm definitely with you on that it is crazy expensive I see a lot of people on here that only buy artifact and Woodward I'm really curious where they're getting an extra $20,000 a year to spend. LOL that's insanity. Standard wellness has a new line they're old stuff was grown in a greenhouse now they have a greenhouse and indoor facility in my opinion they're two best strains are the lemon Herer and the Durban Poison. Their dosey Doo and wedding cake are also pretty decent they're just not available right now the outer space is super harsh the lemon tree sucks even their Mac is not any good. I could have gotten their gorilla glue which they call gibsonburg blue for $14 today and I didn't get it because it's so harsh worst gorilla glue in the program.

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