1. I'm just joking with ya. You have good taste. Just too rich for my blood I guess. I have been pleasantly surprised with all the Rhythm jars I've gotten though. They got a couple of strains that are fire, although I haven't tried this one yet.

  2. I’m like ww Runtz but can’t find anymore ever sooo💩🤷‍♀️

  3. Imo, its nowhere close to normal woodward standards (at least from what im used to). If i have to pay $90 for a fifth, it better be fucking fire every time. I dont mind paying the ridiculous price if it means consistent quality. But i was very disappointed in this one. True og, grapehead, wedding cake, animal mintz, animal face, etc have been go to buys for me, and ive always been quick to cop new drops. This one was definitely a miss tho, imo

  4. Totally agree . I love Woodward to and I’m used to fire from them I am disappointed in this one.I loved cereal milk, ultra freshies, koala mints, Gelato33

  5. Can you tell us the terp profile? Thanks!

  6. Sorry I thought I got it in pic it’s Limonene,caryophyiene,myrcene primary and linalool,pinene,humulene secondary

  7. Was hoping this would have a super fruity strong cherry flavor, not just a faint one. Not sure I'll shell out for a 90$ fifth unless its exceptional

  8. I got this and girl crush I liked both a few weeks ago I got afghani from them to I’ve liked everything so far

  9. I’ve had this from street it was very good haven’t seen it in program

  10. Had both gsd is a good sativa. But nyc Flo handles my pain better at least for me.

  11. is it a heavy indica or soso? i may run up there real quick and grab some. didn't realize BAM started to carry rythm

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