1. I just got the Bullseye Cherry Pie myself and it’s super dry.. like touch it and it turns to powder dry. Was yours like that?

  2. I saw in the comments you love Cherry Pie, but did you try this Bullseye one yet? I haven’t (will soon) but I’m hoping it’s good, even if it does remind me of the consistency of astronaut ice cream. 😂

  3. I got this strain in minis and it was alright. The smell was like grape jollyrancher and it was strong. The only thing I didn't like was how dry and brittle it broke up to.

  4. Ya it was kinda dry but I like the affects I got another of it just haven’t opened it yet

  5. I’m definitely going to reach out to… they are the only company charging damn near the same price since the beginning of the program.. don’t know why i bought it 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. The hype and in the past they’ve had fire for me Gelato33 and cereal milk , sour d, blueberry cheesecake they just fucking up lately I hate the new shit as well that mushroom cake was awful I like wedding cake but they never drop it Woodward on my last nerve sure would be nice if they got their shit together js and when I went to the weed expo everyone was there except them I’m so close to saying fuck em

  7. Mine absolutely reeks in regards to smell!

  8. I think I have a infection maybe even Covid I’m gonna test today

  9. Yeah man Myrcene in that high of a concentration should definitely be stinking up.

  10. I have a sinus infection maybe that’s why. But I love affects it’s the calming I need

  11. just bought a half of this today. so good. the taste may sound unpleasant but it’s very smooth. effects are 10/10 imo. exactly what you want from a indica.

  12. Usually can find this pretty cheap too. Nice strain. Haven't had a shitty batch of it yet. Nice relaxing strain. Good after a day of bullshit

  13. I like lemon dosidos, blueberry cupcake, cherry pie, garlic breath 2.0, garlic cookies

  14. Man that black afghan looks sooooo good. I wanted that but it sold out and I got the apple cobbler. I'm pretty satisfied with it too!

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