1. Had both gsd is a good sativa. But nyc Flo handles my pain better at least for me.

  2. is it a heavy indica or soso? i may run up there real quick and grab some. didn't realize BAM started to carry rythm

  3. Yes absolutely, I’ve had this strain around 23% and it was still amazing. Always has a great smell and a lot of bag appeal. I like it better then fan favorites ice cream cake and sherbhead. In fact I’m having a hard time thinking of anything of theirs I like more. Once my points reset in a week I’m probably going to grab a 1/2 if they are still around

  4. I recently had chs I was dabbing ,edibles and flower I don’t think it’s that. For a lil nausea came from smoking and I knew it. Wasn’t that hard to get rid of. But now I’m paranoid about it.

  5. It was good I seem to like Runtz variety. Woodward hasn’t had any in a long time.

  6. How was the taste I’m in Cleveland ,like you and bam in Elyria has half Ix 90$

  7. I still have a lil do u want me to do a one hitter and let u know

  8. It had a clean taste I couldn’t taste em but it had great affects I’ve tried again and seemed dry even after boost pack n jar

  9. Holy cow that sounds good, is the apple flavor there?

  10. What's the lineage on the apple slapz? Tia.

  11. That blueberry ak hands down is the most helpful to my ms night or day.

  12. Woodward is second then buckeye relief and bullseye galena hasn’t had shit in a while

  13. I love ancient roots give ‘em a try 007 blew my brains out they don’t disappoint

  14. I use sleepy time! Works great! For pain and cramps.and some rest.

  15. So am I. I love a good strong indica that kills my anxiety and just totally mellows me out... I mean completely just melt into the I love this strain.. it's definitely what I've been searching for.. God I hope it becomes a regular.. 🙏

  16. It was exactly the same for me! If u get the chance try blueberry cupcake by bullseye 🔥

  17. I remember not feeling indica like. But look at terps it might work for you. And this is a different batch than I had.

  18. It was a even high if I remember it wasn’t indica or sativa it was perfectly even hybrid

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