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  1. Seriously why can't we just put them all back in quick play and let people choose what modes they want to queue for.

  2. Map voting? Nah dude, then no one would ever play the new push maps that Devs worked real hard on /s

  3. Don't let your ego and arrogance be a roadblock to progress and truth. Having issues with admitting ones ignorance is a sign of an underdeveloped moral compass.

  4. So happy to be wrong! :) Proud of the community, since this most likely means that Blizzard wasn't getting as much money as they initially hoped for.

  5. If nothing matters, then why kill oneself? If suffering has the same inherent value as not suffering and even happiness, isn't suicide a kind of paradoxical response? I'm sorry if that's an ignorant/arrogant thing to say/ask, but from my perspective, nihilism seems fundamentally flawed as a personal philosophy.

  6. ILTAA LAUDAN NYYMIT!!! NYT OIS REHTI KANTASUOMALAINEN MYYJÄ VASTASSA JA VIIKONLOPUN POLTTAJILLE TUORETTA JA HYVIN KASVATETTUA SUOMI NUPPUA MYYNNISSÄ!! Toimii jopa päivittäispolttajalle ja itelle toimi vähän suurempi annos toleillakin hyvin (370g) Lajikkeesta ei tietoa, mutta kolahtaa varmasti!! K-18 kaupat ja rotille myrkkyä!!!

  7. As a support player, this sounds like a nightmare

  8. Tbf, supports are tracers first targets most of the time, so this buff would be more of a headache for the enemy DPS.

  9. people cringing at this for exactly the wrong reasons

  10. Must be a feeling only Broke Bitches feel ;)

  11. It has nothing to do with having money, it's whether the product offered is WORTH that money. Cmon it's not that hard to understand.

  12. Jep.. valtas munkin keittiön. Ulkona yhtäkkiä välähti ja veitsi lensi ikkunasta sisään. Sit toi saatanan veitsivelho tuli perässä ja alko heti riehuu leijuvalla veitsellä. en ymmärtänyt mitää ku en ite japania puhu, mut suurimmaks osaksi se vaa päästeli semmosia "tsiuuh" ja "hwooo" ääniä samalla kun se sen jedivoimilla pyöritteli ja heitteli veistä ympäri keittiötä.

  13. Blow job, hand job, tit job those are the only ones I can think of off hand, but you get the idea

  14. Okay, but what about "cream pie", "taking it from behind", face sitting" and any number of other possible sex acts? Maybe I just don't get the post 😂

  15. Pidän kyllä nykyään itteeni elossa, tarkoittaako se sitä että rikon ihmisoikeuksia? 😦😥

  16. She makes no sense, if getting a girl pregnant is his biggest fear why would he lose it if told he has to wear a condom?

  17. She's one of those chronically online people who's absorbed all the toxicity of Twitter due to not having a healthy and mature enough mindset to not succumb to the negative emotions and cynicism born from exposure to the worst of humanity.

  18. Gameplay wise, it is! But LITERALLY everything else around it is unbelievably shit.

  19. I mean I have a girlfriend and it would be nice to have sex? Or is NNN ONLY about masturbation?

  20. Is this a joke? iPhones get updates far longer than androids. Samsung is the one that abandons it’s customers after they gotten their money. keep coping tho.

  21. Tbf, Apple has admitted (and even been sued for) that they update older phones to be laggier and slower, immediately after releasing the newest model.

  22. And then these stupid morons will complain about men not opening up because of other men perpetuating "toxic masculinity" 🙄

  23. I mean toxic masculinity (among other things) is probably one reason for a lot of boys/men not coming forward.

  24. Toxic masculinity absolutely harms society, but its use and definition have some issues that I'd like to point out here.

  25. Sounds like someone doesnt go outside and doesnt have a life outside of videogames

  26. Holy shit you're so entitled, it makes me legitimate think that you're the one that needs to touch grass. No one that goes outside developes such self importance naturally.

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