1. This is beyond ridiculous. I doubt people are gawking. They are just trying to figure out WTF she’s doing.

  2. It’s not around anymore? :( man it’s been too long since I’ve had M&Ms

  3. They refunded me for shipping and acknowledged that it should have been sent out earlier. Other than that, no update on if it’s going to be here in time.

  4. Refunding you shipping is unacceptable. It should be here as promised.

  5. Ok you’re not gonna believe this - they just tried to get me to pay for a DIFFERENT suit that is part of their “ships tomorrow suit drop” which is happening tomorrow at 12:30. Honestly, the audacity has me😂 I honestly don’t even know what to do right now.

  6. I only know who Alessia is. Help. Who are we rooting for?

  7. This is a realistic example of what an ectomorph who is natural but trains looks like in my opinion. She never had a ton of density but was just lean enough for definition to show. Bikini has trended toward larger and denser physiques, and I do think less and less natural girls are on stage now, so the difference in look is increasing. Plus I do think her natural body type is more ecto than mesomorph or endo. I am probably less of an ectomorph than her, but I do relate a bit…even at my least lean in off season, I get comments about being so petite or tiny.

  8. When i said "bodybuilder", i meant muscle size. She looks like a beginner lifter, not an ifbb pro.

  9. I don’t think she’s ever carried a whole lot of muscle to begin with so I can imagine her looking pretty normal in the offseason. She’s a tall girl. It’s hard to carry that much muscle. But when she turns around and shows a killer glute-ham tie-in, she does very well.

  10. I thought we weren’t posting this type content anymore…what do you get out of doing this?

  11. I can’t speak for the admins, but I think it’s all about the tone of the posts. This shouldn’t be done to attack these women or bash them for taking various compounds in a non-drug tested sport, but to educate all of us on the potential side effects of steroid usage. There is not enough education on the topic and women don’t talk about it either due to stigma. The key here is EDUCATION. Let’s not lose sight of that when making these posts. She is not a “cheater” for doing this. She made a decision for herself. It’s up to other women to determine if this is the right decision for them. We should have all information available to us — scientific and anecdotal — when making these decisions.

  12. Just looks like the Instagram Barbie filter to me

  13. Who is next to India in the turquoise? She looks really good

  14. I root so hard for this girl but if this is your job, take it seriously like a job....not only by training hard, which she does...but by not letting let your messy personal life leak into your work/public life. I say that not from a place of snark but love, because again, I’m rooting for her.

  15. Why are there so many accounts that pop up just to comment on Lauralie/Aldo/James? Your account was created 19 hours ago and this is a very in depth analysis of what you think is wrong with her. I find all these comments/posts suspect. It seems like they themselves or people close to them are always creating accounts on here just to defend a point of view. Can that please stop?

  16. My thought exactly on that...sounds like Aldo or someone in that circle.

  17. Was there a language barrier for the person creating this? That’s all I got.

  18. You can always do microblading. I’ve had several friends who have been very happy and they can get you the exact shade you want. It’s always a challenge for blondes to get an exact shade that works for them. Find the right artist and they will look totally natural and like your real brows but better

  19. Yeah not my favorite look on Ashley. I know they’re tough on her when it comes to her core...trying to balance her abs not being too etched and not being too soft. I’m not as big of a fan of that green. I prefer a different shade of it. Her conditioning looks a bit off to me too.

  20. Thought this was Yarishna at first from the back. Beautiful look!

  21. Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced. Also Mario’s contour sticks and Grande’s aren’t powder but they have beautiful finishes. Mario isn’t too least not the one I use.

  22. Watch Jamie Pinder’s YouTube videos and you will learn everything you want to know about it...she’s so incredibly open about her own personal experiences with PEDs. She’s not pro steroids and her channel isn’t about encouraging usage — she’s pro education so other women know what they’re getting into and if it’s right for them, great, and if not, cool too.

  23. I was out all day so didn't really watch the shows... Just saw the results. Michelle won wellness, Amanda 2nd, Frida 3rd. For the Savannah show Ivi won as expected, 2nd was Jessica Dexter, Jodie 3rd. I haven't seen scorecards of Sasquatch yet. But according to IG just now Ashley won and Daraja was 2nd. dunno who took 3rd.

  24. If she wants to date a guy 20 years younger, who cares? Men do it all the time! Do you, sis!

  25. Genuinely curious as well. Could it be a tumor or massive cyst? I don’t know.

  26. 900...5ft 2, got down to 109 pounds for stage. Done in conjunction with 90 minutes of cardio per day (no was stairs, stepper, elliptical, running). Pretty sure my fats were like 19g. Do not recommend. Total zombie.

  27. Love the glasses and love without! I think it depends on what you’re wearing. I tend to not wear mine for things like weddings and other special events.

  28. I use a soap/wax and spoolie to brush my brows upward and then pencil them in...that will give you a lift, whether you keep them feathered at the top or gently use clear mascara gel to brush them. Also...a good color corrector and concealer will help with the shadows you get some having deep set eyes. That will instantly make everything look more lifted because it will erase shadows. If you are still unhappy after all that, you can get a couple units of Botox over each brow. I get it for that reason, to have a more lifted look. But your eyebrows sit beautifully on your face and frame your eyes so nicely!

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