What's the best response to "Dad, I think I'm gay"?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. Kevin could. You know, if he were standing in the doorway

  2. Kevin is a real one. Always ready to throw down.

  3. I fucking love Pickles. Pickle Pack 4 life. ✌️

  4. Yeah there’s literally a subreddit dedicated to making fun of dumb people who died from Covid. Unless someone is evil like Hitler celebrating their death feels dark to me.

  5. I got banned from there for asking how to block the sub from showing up on the popular page cause it just seemed mean to me. I replied to the message to thank the mod because I thought being banned was gonna make me stop seeing them and they just took care of it for me. Then the mod told me I was blocked for being rude and implying they were mean people. Like what?

  6. i mean. that is a dumb place to ask that kind of question.

  7. Probably, but Google wasn’t helping at all.

  8. That one scene in Hocus Pocus is a big reason why driving with the windows down makes me uncomfortable a lot of times.

  9. Wow. I didn’t realize people really felt this way. But in this thread there are a lot of people who value animal life over human life. I’m shocked. I thought it was just a silly reddit-ism.

  10. Not an inconsistency. A lot of girls don’t play Gym not because they can’t play Sports but because they don’t want to sweat and Smell during school hours. I knew a lot of Great volleyball players refuse to play in Gym.

  11. lol. I guess. I didn’t realize people did that. My team played every chance we got. It was fun to show off to the other kids in gym class. My basketball team didn’t do that either. I guess we were a bunch of show offs.

  12. This one never bothered me much. On one hand, I'm a Christian, and so I disagree with that conclusion. But even if I agreed with nothing after death? I think I'd get some comfort out of that idea. At the very least I'd be neutral on the idea of death. If there is no other side, then there is nothing left to fear.

  13. I’m agnostic and the thought of nothingness brings me peace too.

  14. I wish I could’ve known about the view from halfway down.

  15. The bottle was at least serving a positive purpose. It was selfish of him to bring It In without thinking of the others but as a patient In a much more vulnerable position than that of champ it’s more understandable and forgivable imo.

  16. I understand where you’re coming from. I was just rewatching season 6 and got annoyed a bit. I feel like the show does a great job of holding Bojack accountable for everything he does. This was just one little tidbit I thought we were just a little too forgiving on. lol. It was great talking with you. Have a good one!

  17. And I wouldn’t say Bojack careless brought his crutch directly In champs path. It was an unintended accident. He was clearly not fit to be In the position he was In if he backslid that easily.

  18. I don’t think any addict will tell you they’re not in danger of backsliding easily. So I don’t know what addict they could’ve gotten to fill that job.

  19. My second cousins call my aunt “Lola.” They were missionaries for Israel and I guess it means “grandma” over there?

  20. I ate grass and leaves because the tree stars on Land Before Time looked really good.

  21. They can just continue to look at each other menacingly across the room and I’d be good.

  22. I have no interest in seeing them but I understand the sentiment. After Uvalde happened, I was unnaturally angry. Like angrier than any of these things had ever made me before. And the day after, at work, I blurted out that they should make the politicians walk through the crime scene before they picked up the bodies. I was very much of the opinion that they need to see what had happened with their own eyes and see if that made any difference in legislation.

  23. I've never been a server, so I could totally be wrong, but I thought they only had to pay them minimum wage if they didn't make it or more in tips.

  24. Sometimes they don’t even do that. My best friend had to sue a family owned restaurant we both worked at, because they weren’t making it up for her.

  25. Wtf is wrong with you and this entire thread?

  26. Yeah, this whole meme is grossing me out. The men aren’t getting their faces plastered all over the internet. Also, it literally states she obviously has mental issues. By all means, let’s kick somebody while they’re down.

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