dound it, no mom , it followed me home. what does it eat and how do manage it

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  1. I dont believe there is one straight person here

  2. Resident straight here! I cross dress to piss off homophobes and used to sell a fuck ton of drugs. Gecs entered my life thru a trans friend💜

  3. I appreciate the attempted correction, although again, I think you must be confused. On two accounts. The first most obvious mistake is the wrong possessive pronoun. Secondly, your mom isn't so much a double wide as she is a quadruple wide, so even your multiplication is wrong. Again, no surprise, given your ancestral heritage as a quadruped, you cud cropping, ruminating, clod of a ruminant. Don't misunderstand me, bovine status is more praise than either of you deserves, and I wouldn't wish to insult the cattle you devolved from.

  4. You shouldn't confuse hopeless lethargy and depression as evidence of being crippled. You've only seen her like that because that is how she has coped these long years since your birth. Either that, or the strain she experienced on the toilet that day, as you plopped down, caused such damage to both her psyche and body that she has been basically comatose ever since.

  5. Fan concept I made for a billboard of a actual store in game

  6. I went online looking for help on this too and found nothing. The 8 knives Shen Xiu gives Aiden, at least in my personal experience, were simply the regular, lowest tier level generic throwing knives. They seemingly had no sedatives in them whatsoever. I threw the first 5 at my first Bolter, missing once out of those 5, I think, before losing him. Didn't pass out at all. And went to the next Bolter and hit him dead on from real close with all 3 I had left. There's nowhere I've found from which to get any throwing knives that are specifically sedating, nor have I found that blueprint anywhere. I know before I did that side quest I saw someone asking where to get that blueprint from, but no one provided an answer. So I eventually ended up abandoning that side quest at that point. And later I went back to see if I could possibly find Shen Xiu where I first spoke to her to start that side quest, but she was gone. I'm glad I'm not alone. Super frustrating.

  7. I ended up just killing the last one and got reprimanded by her. Fucking bullahit but I still love this game

  8. Maybe that's what they intend us to do if we want to go forward with it and successfully sedating them with these supposed sedating knives isn't even really possible....? What a weird way to end a side quest if that's their intention. Who wants to play any mission in any vid game where the mission's conclusion just leaves you high and dry for actually being able to complete it?? Just remove it. But yes, still love this game too regardless

  9. I fucked up by missing. The dlc is supposed to be hard and I learned my lesson. I’m gonna do better next time around.

  10. They try to charge me for ambulances and I just refuse to pay them

  11. Presenting: the only ugly ass moron whose Reddit pfp ACTUALLY looks like him

  12. Your whole schtick is bland insults, get a new hobby like arts and crafts you knob

  13. The only thing over here worth calling a knob is what I gave your girl last night

  14. Yours probably looks like one, short and stubby and kinda twisted.

  15. I’m not lying lol my father won my cripple mother in a poker game in jail, called her after the game, met up when he got out of prison, and made me. Cruel bastard dragged her through Algonquin park in Ontario for their honey moon lmfao

  16. I'm not kidding, either. Well, okay it's kinda the same. My mom lost a bet. Close enough. She bet my step-dad she could entrap a guy and take his money. It didn't work. She lost and was stuck with me. Same difference.

  17. It’s great to see someone on this sun realize Elon is a shit bag of a human

  18. Oh I dont play it super competitively. Just seasons and casually. I cheesed my way to GM in hoops tho lmfao

  19. My feet are only warm when I’m in the shower but if it’s not hot enough they stay blueish. My feet are fucked tho, as a child I would purposely make my mom run over my toes in her 400+ pound wheelchair while I’d hold the door for her.

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