1. Ya I like RSO as well works for me when I take 60m-100mg then take a few days off.

  2. Someone had a brand called Backpack boyz it was really strong,,,I like scientific

  3. I really don't mind the reps on this site they give out good info I just don't like when they respond with that classic response on how great the bud is etc...

  4. Glass jars are over rated I keep all my buds in the same mcdonalds bag

  5. Woodward true trash I just tried them for the first time yesterday I got there main strain grap head I got even a big 4 gram nug it's fresh it's just crap nut sure why people like it I klutch beats them then galan then oho clean leaf then Woodward then Buckeye Relief but with the price of Woodward it really is hard to justify the price I get way more ailments taking care of from klutch all day long orange 43 all day is better then Woodward gayhead

  6. Animal Mints has a great smell really nice buds and great taste......Butt it hits me like just a average buzz?

  7. None really pack a punch- Now as far as looks and taste you will find that but personally I would rather have something that hits me hard I mean back in the day we weren't looking at terps etc.. we would smoke and be buzzed for hours I'm not sure what the problem is I have a idea ($$$) .

  8. Back in the day you hadn't been smoking weed as long as you have now. The amount of "buzz" you will get will always go down. If you have to eat edibles and vape day and night, you have extreme tolerance and the only thing that will fix that will be a break.

  9. That is true I do take breaks now and then the funny thing is I had not smoked for years

  10. I have this and Animal mints they look and smell awesome ......but I feel the effects are a little weak which is funny cause the buds and smell totally look the part.

  11. Lume is based up north they are the ones who have the "45%" THC Jenny kush that is most def bs numbers they have also been known for mold and very suspect flower they are the biggest in the state and from what I've read one of the more shady companies and guess at one time they were a really good vendor. Check out the sub sub/michigents something like that I pop in from time to time read up on what there day to day experiance is and also cuz ppl love to scream how much better it is there btw it's good and bad just like here but thankful we have the testing we got here

  12. Thanks for the Info...Yes my friend had jenny kush was maybe 29% THC it was pretty good nice taste decent effects

  13. Okay this was from Michigan I liked. So who is some of the top growers in Michigan ?

  14. I will give a try...It almost looks like broccoli lol

  15. I know this is off subject, but I have to ask how is the bud in California? Is it really strong

  16. A lot more variance out there! My companies main product was a 1000mg syrup but we also carried some flower that was in the low 20% that was comparable to Ohio quality and we sold it market value $5. As for other growers such as Cream of the Crop, they test between 30-mid 40% and when I hit that the first time I was definitely feeling it!

  17. Thanks for that Info Interesting Good luck on the job search etc.....

  18. RSO Indica Gummies Scientific Firelands as far as flower not sure.

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