1. Br I like the at this time as my favorite I have not had Klutch in over a year or so. Galenas I think the newer strains have some hope. I tried Soap and not bad.

  2. What do you think hits harder between Soap and Solo Burger?

  3. This is the 1/27 harvest 30.9% Flowers are very dense and very sticky.

  4. I second amplify being overall not great. They suck me in with the prices, but I inevitably regret it

  5. What dont you like about them compared to like Rise? just wondering

  6. So I'll buy a half Oz at botanist and half Oz at amplify. Same strains amd same grower, yet the one that was a bit cheaper at amplify, tastes a bit harsher and is dryer than the botanist version. The few times I've been to rise, I've had good experiences, but they're too out of the way for me to return. Happened most recently with half Oz of lilac diesel and blue blast. Great strains but they taste better from the botanist. Like heinens vs giant

  7. Oh thats funny about the grocery stores its like an ongoing thing in our house certain foods we get from Heinens and other at the Eagle lol.

  8. You’ve had the top shelf but didn’t know galenas is sold there? And it’s grown in Michigan/separate grows.

  9. No No all good,,,,,,,,,,,,I know I sound that way sometimes lol all good

  10. You know this is not bad....Better than all the older strains they have produced I can feel the effects for sure. I will try some of their new strains.

  11. I was thinking of getting today so- does the soap come in this the current batch of this a good batch if you know? thanks

  12. Wow amazing how many of use like so many different strains...Interesting

  13. They have good looking photos of their bud online...I have not tried as of yet

  14. Alot of $$$$ They need pharmacists now because of a shortage of them a lot of pharmacists left work during the pandemic because they felt the work was to much for the pay$$

  15. Maybe I should try them again...For some reason their strains didn't work for me in the past

  16. I'd say so . The gb 2.0 makes me a bit more sleepier. But I'd say the effects on the soap are just as strong if we are comparing hoe strong the effects are . The soap would be a good one to try . I'd stay away from all old strains . New ones are solo b. Soap. Lembas . Pebbles. Royal Pam. They all look good but I've only tried the lembas and soap , both were way better then their old flower . Both I'd say are premium flower . What you would expect to get from nice shiny package

  17. Sounds good thanks for the reply I'm going to give soap a try. Heck I didn't like Br a couple years ago and now I like Br .

  18. This is off subject butt made be think of that pizza oven owner he was being sued by their neighbor claiming the smoke and smell was coming into their house..etc The oven is located in the back yard and is pretty large.

  19. I smoke flower and do it in my bathroom with the fan on because in my lease I can’t own or smoke weed. After I take my rip I put my pipe away and hit the bathroom with a short blast of Ozium. You don’t want that stuff getting on what you’re smoking so that’s why I put my pipe away first.

  20. I Rember Ozium from 30 or so years ago I didn't realize they still made that stuff.... I used in high school in my bed room lol

  21. I thought this was weak I bought a few weeks back ...good looking buds

  22. It hits me quicker on an empty stomach and a better buzz

  23. Buds are always nice looking butt doesn't give me any relief or a good buzz

  24. They have alot of staff in Cleveland also.........every time I go they have a different crew it seems like ...

  25. How would you say this compares to garlic breath2.0 ?

  26. This honestly blows GB out of the water. I use GB at night to go to sleep. KM will put you on your ass and you’ll feel it well into the next morning and early afternoon. I usually use KM on the weekends when I know I have no plans. Highly recommend this here!

  27. Yes, I loved this strain when it first came out couple years or so back then it got kind of week...I will need to try again

  28. I really like the location in Cleveland...the people who work there are super friendly and very helpful .

  29. Michigan the weed is nothing more than mids yes its cheaper so that means alot.

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