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  1. How is everyone low on Karma. It's not like we can spend it.

  2. I actually rreally like the look of the old furnace...

  3. Love the accuracy of the guy who was silent the entire conversation just screeching No Homo at the top of his lungs outta nowhere

  4. To be fair, seeing some corrupted version of an already significantly altered picture of Jerma, completely unprompted, in a place that you really shouldn't be seeing it? Yeah that'd be scary.

  5. I can't really speak for a lot of them but current Leon probably just doesn't have the heart to really participate in this challenge to the best of his ability. RE4 era Leon would probably do pretty good as a gun expert along with a few other niches like self defense and perhaps even some political views considering that he was the presidents bodyguard.

  6. I get it in my hands, painful twinges looking at this. Always happened when I get spooked, missing a step on the stairs, or slipping on the floor. Or watching stuff like this. ;-;

  7. Well I read a Dragon Ball AU fanfic about pregnancy in a public library once when I was a teenager.

  8. Urban dictionary gives a definition that mentions roast beef. I'm sure you can see what these jerks are referring to

  9. Honestly I thought it referred to starbucks for some reason...

  10. Honestly it sucks that they draw such awful stuff because I really do like the artstyle.

  11. Unbind A, D and S. You don't need any movement except W.

  12. The boy who didn't show up because I slept through it.

  13. While I have no doubt they could steal the goods, I don't think they'd be able to get in and out without leaving a trace. They're good at stealth sure, but they mostly steal from regular humans and paid guards, not someone on the level of batman.

  14. The Thief from 8-Bit Theater. Not particularly strong or anything, but also probably one of the greatest thieves in fiction just for his ability to steal things such as his own class change into Ninja. From the future. While being very far away from the point where it was eventually stolen back from him.

  15. wtf I wanna see the Raiden fast punches, not panties. smh my head.

  16. Gonna be honest I read that as "Doom Guy" and was so confused. I thought the 'Doom Slayer is multiversal' guy came back.

  17. I gotta say, I wasn't really expecting the secret cat pokemon to be where it was. That really was well hidden.

  18. So did they actually write about minors or no?

  19. i remember reading about it, the story was originally just a method for the writer to get better at english. It's still up, it just hasn't been updated in forever presumably because the writer just moved on with life. As far as I know, nothing happened with a minor. Besides, that's a competitive player thing from what I hear.

  20. I thought for a moment the red underlines were special before I realized they're just the program trying to point out spelling mistakes.

  21. I think my favorite character is Megaman X. :3

  22. Doesn't have a revolver so even if it's effective, it's not as cool to me and is therefore inferior. Sorry ;-;

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