1. New 52 Supergirl was my favorite interpretation of the character. Bring it on.

  2. All I needed was Lanterns, Superman, Booster Gold, and Swamp Thing to hook me

  3. Might be the 1st SB I pass on in many years.

  4. This is the first Super Bowl where I've liked both teams since I started watching football in 2004.

  5. It took me until the end of the episode interviews to realize it was the same guy as White Lotus. He was amazing!

  6. I didn't even realize it was him until the credits, and he's one of my favorite actors.

  7. Gotham knights easy, say what u want about saints row i honestly like it, but gotham is straight up boring and $70 like tf

  8. AA and indie games have been great for a while. The revolution has been ongoing.

  9. This is the first Super Bowl since I started watching football that I actually like both teams. Carolina/Denver was the only other one that came close.

  10. Also, another fun fact. For the 57th year in a row, the Bengals will not win a Superbowl.

  11. He says “Jim” way too much. I’ve never heard any other announcer say their partners name that much

  12. This absolutely drives me crazy. I thought I was alone on this, Jim.

  13. I was rooting for the Chiefs but I feel so bad for him. Geez...

  14. I have no issues with any of the teams left. I’m in “hoping the games are good” mode.

  15. Slay The Spire. You can sink an easy 100hrs in it and hasn’t even reached the full depths of the game.

  16. Definitely this. I have probably 500 hours in it and could easily play it for another 500.

  17. reisdent evil games are written like cheesy b-movies. the last of us was always written as a prestige hbo show. stop regurgitating this stupid bs.

  18. I'd love to watch a cheesy b-movie that respects the source material.

  19. This is the correct answer. The only episodes that mattered each season were the finales. Everything else was clearly wasting time.

  20. I was at the Packers/49ers game last year. I'd never seen so many fights/arrests at Lambeau. One guy pushed a Packers fan down the stairs. Another guy spit on a woman behind us. It was brutal.

  21. It may get a slot just like Stray got one. Random game that had no chance at winning and was just there for fun. Everybody loves cats so that’s probably why it got nominated.

  22. It's possible but there are still plenty of little random games that could be nominated for that slot.

  23. I’m having a lot of fun with it. Story is pretty bad because the characters are just so cheesy but the gameplay is tons of fun.

  24. It's giving me old-school Fire Emblem vibes, which I love.

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