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  1. Trust in a relationship is the most important thing, it is what keeps her standing, your trust in her is huge, enough to believe everything she told you after everything that happened. Your decision, but I would have lost all my trust in her, because she lied from the first second that night.

  2. Honestly I’m done. I’m getting rinsed so hard for updating this already that I’m 100% not sharing anything else.

  3. I think they meant we’ll be seeing an update where it came out she cheated on you. I really do hope that isn’t true OP, and I hope that all’s well that ends well here, but I have to admit her story seems pretty unbelievable especially considering the initial lies she told. It’s your life, your wife and your relationship, I just hope it works out for you and it doesn’t come out some other way later that hurts you. Best of luck OP.

  4. I’ve deleted and made new accounts several times (“I should use Reddit less”, but I always come back). With my old accounts I’ve had 200k and 50k karma, been on

  5. I think you need to confront her. It’s pretty damned obvious what the friends are suggesting. She better either come clean or tell you what really happened in such a way that you’re convinced she’s telling the truth. Letting it fester will poison your relationship even more. Once she’s been open with the truth, it’s up to you to do what you will with that information. If it’s what the friends are getting at, you’ve got some soul searching to do….

  6. I’m going to talk to her about it after work today. I’m hoping that pressing the issue will get her to open up.

  7. Just because some has “bid” that doesn’t mean they’ve “paid” that.

  8. Yup. Wasn’t my proudest moment. Deserve those downvotes.

  9. I mean I feel that, since we have no evidence he would have done so, we have no grounds to get angry at him for the fact that he would have said those other things if she displayed a different emotion. We already have enough to complain about him for without inventing hypothetical scenarios to get mad at.

  10. Also don't get me wrong she has gotten a lot of bs treatment by the UK press at the start. I'm pro republicanism and anti monarchy but I notice the royal family seems to be able to present themselves with a humbleness and down to earth manner that she doesn't seem to be able to emulate and people don't like that vibe from her.

  11. Do you have a link for that story? I found that really hard to follow. Also if you’re anti monarchy I find it truly bizarre you’d consider them down to earth. The queen with her million pound colonial jewels and closet racism, Charles with his boiled egg fetish and daft tantrums, Andrew (no sweat bro) with Epstein. Edward and Anne seem to be the only ones who just get on with shit but they’re eclipsed by the others.

  12. Why does she sound like a cockney pretending to be an Australian pretending to be a Hick?

  13. I have my Kyiv in an oven-bottom muffin with sweetcorn relish and ketchup. The sauces mix together and soak into the bread. It’s bangin’.

  14. Banksy doesn't seem to be putting as much effort in these days.

  15. So focus on the trivial nonsense rather than the centuries of atrocities the family has commited

  16. Criticising one isn’t forgetting another. People can do more than one bad thing.

  17. Just make sure you flush the system at least once a day. Let it build up for a week and you'll overshoot into your own mouth or god knows where else.

  18. Wonder if she has any hard pipe hittin brothers that might take offense at this tackle? Edit: For all the haters, I was referring to her siblings and referencing the comment above. Clearly the demand for racism outweighs the supply

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