Lil Stuck A Battery Up My Ass

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  1. Zoom in. I has a collar on. I bet mister bitey is great with the kids

  2. Finally. Same name and still in the hospital. It is way less cool than that thought it would be

  3. The classic ’Murican insult to absolutely any type of cuisine by adding Cheetos or Doritos. Gross

  4. I used to end calls all the time with my beard. Now my phone goes dark the second the call is connected

  5. At this point there needs to be a licensing requirement for owning and operating a fucking waffle iron.

  6. How do the rubes who support Trump have any money left?

  7. Hulk Hogan shrunk from decades of meth abuse and fell on rough times. Spoiler: they were frozen melons

  8. My golf game would be vastly improved if I could drive the distance of her forehead

  9. Who keeps making the stupid shirts that don’t have a pronoun in them? This just keeps dumb people dumb

  10. Fucking animals. Behold this generations future gen-pop residents.

  11. I'm kinda wondering where the rest of this video is, also where's the rest of his penis?

  12. The rest? Where is any of it? If I was like that I’d be a never-nude

  13. I was in Guatamala shortly after the 2018 Fuego eruption. No way in hell i would be that close. Crazy dumb

  14. I hiked up acatenango and watched fuego blow up all night. Rocks the size of vans were spewing out.

  15. I got a huge coffee mug for my sister-in-law that has the same graphic. Now I need the tee for me. Where’d ya get it?

  16. Most likely Puerto Rico. As much as I would like it to, DC has no chance and could more easily be absorbed into Maryland or Virginia.

  17. I live here in PR. The split is almost exactly 50/50. Some want independence and some know that without US money they’d be hurting. Honestly the US should pay reparations for colonization. Plus a ton of fat cats stash their money here because of lax tax laws

  18. 🇺🇸 I don’t know where else it could be

  19. Never went to blockbuster though I had a card. Always Hollywood video or video chest (PDX Oregon)

  20. Haha I know exactly where that is. Those monkeys ain’t no joke. I’ve been chased down the street there

  21. Lopburi Thailand. The monkeys are sacred there and there are more of them than people

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