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  1. Awesome. Now that I'm going with the Black Jack. I'm trying to pick between 2.83 of Cuban Lynx or Salty Watermelon? Have you had either?

  2. I’m getting the strawberry cooler batter when Columbia care Monroe opens back up tomorrow

  3. Hey sorry long wait , I’m not gonna act like it’s much more potent then the lemon kush , but it’s the best smelling / tasting extract I’ve had

  4. Tally mon and salty watermelon are both Fantastic by firelands….. has anyone had the gelatojet fuel pod by them?

  5. Round 6 months ago is when I stopped trying them (only started because word of mouth.) 100% overhyped and shits mid-tier quality at best anywhere else

  6. 2 years ago when I got my card I thought the Woodward was pretty gangster . Haven’t purchased flower in a long time tho and if they make concentrates I’ve never seen them. These days getting real romantic with that ancient roots / wellsprings fields , pretty much everytime I have the chance . Especially if you see something you don’t usually see from AR , cop that shit 98% chance it’s fire

  7. Yeah I just tried ancient roots for the first time a couple months ago! It is escaping me what I snagged though. Will look for wellsprings, am not familiar <3

  8. I’m 100% guilty of being a pretty casual consumer and it took some really educated pot smokers to let me know about well springs. I associated them being at the bottom of the menu with them being a bad product for a long time cause idk my brains wild and I was 100% wrong

  9. Ah shit , long time pot head here that weeps without it , my favorite strains are Ancient Roots / Lemon Kush Badder , most things from firelands have gone down hill but their salty watermelon is one of my favorite sativas I’ve tried , I’ve you like concentrates cop some GMO from wellsprings. You’re in the right ballpark with Klutch tho , im sure you have but if you haven’t got Orange 43 , it’s a game changer. Their mac 1 , Sherbhead , of all ice cream cakes I’ve had (guilty plug) theirs is my favorite , and honestly I haven’t got to try any of the Josh D stuff yet , but it seems everyone’s just watching out for that right now lol

  10. I’ve had extensive periods of using flower only , concentrates only , edibles only , and carts only , and 5. Firelands , I was hesitant to put firelands because some of the hate they get , but all in all I think they make great edibles , their salty watermelon is one of my favorite strains I’ve had (just personal preference) and their carts were always the most consistent for me 4 .Woodward , no explanation needed , I could stare at their bud for hours 3. Ancient Roots , it’s incredibly biased cause I haven’t tried wellspring fields but so far their concentrates are my favorite 2. Standard , I used to be super skeptical of standard but I think they have something for everyone in their menu , they have some pretty good edibles , and not all their strains are killer but Sherb and a few others are top notch. And I’ve had some pretty solid carts from them as well

  11. In The Pines - Hullaboo (they’re underground and local in Cincinnati on the temporary they’ll be making they waves every soon)

  12. That is seriously so good. I’ve only listened to just a bit of it and I love it

  13. These boys are gonna have to pay me as much as I promote they ass😂 but no seriously what’s even better about them is they tear the house down live man

  14. Every time I have to take a pee test, I drop 110 dollars on this drink from GNC and it just disguises your shit. I smoke the night before , wake up and drink it (it taste good it just burns) you pee a couple times before you go (and trust me you will be pissing) and whenever your pee is clear and coming out at rocket speed , that’s the pee you’re gonna use 👍

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