1. He gets left alone most days so I don’t know how it could be stress but it’s definitely good to hear some advice if anything I’ll definitely be taking him to the vet soon. Also could be wet tail could be the uncleaned cage.

  2. Maybe some forward planning and flexible working is the key to this. God forbid people have fun in their spare time.

  3. I feel you. I swear if I could just get in s car and drive round and practice on my own I'd be a super safe driver.

  4. David Guetta Ingleston I git like 50 ex pills for me and the group I was going with. It all kicked off/gates open at like 1pm sp was full day/night event. Loads of other DJs playing. Get there and thers drug dogs at the gates so we hang back I'm like I've got 50 pills to get shot of I'm not wasting them so I had 7. Omg what a day ex during the day is madness but i ended up just sitting in 1 spot the hole day/night smashed 😳 was 1 off the good smashed days I've had never seen 1 show just me and the grass spoke to lots of people but my legs would not work literally not work 😅 in q good way tho The people that stopped to speak to see if I ws ok. And all I was able to mumble out was.,,, I'm fine I'm good I'm stuuuuu. The would say are you OK??? Me IM GOOD IM FINE IN STUUUU I'm on ex then they were like yeah the dude fine tripping balls but hears water shout us if you need us

  5. I was once at a club called The Bluenote in Todmorden. Took an E. Convinced myself it wasn't working. Took another. Kept doing that then realised od taken 4 pills....and I started coming up, then bam. Absolutely fucked. I was seeing mad shit like everyone had glasses on and people had parrots on their shoulder

  6. Got some sketchers trainers.... ended up with plantar fasciitis, 4 months later it still feels like the soles of my feet are bruised when I start walking

  7. So sick of these idiots making attacks on normal human stuff. Our testosterone makes us the men we are.

  8. I dont think the R.F. has any real significance. Just illustrate that theres one man/creature looking to bring down civilization or society or mankind. I dont think its continuity or anything but just to link things together and show how much reach this guy has.

  9. I thought that, but wasn't sure if there was something I was missing, thank you for the reply!

  10. I’m late to the party here, where you can you buy curly sausages like that?

  11. Thanks for the reply, hope you had a good birthday!

  12. I watched this dude make cow dung soup yesterday

  13. I used to do a lot of acid and the urban myth that fascinated me, as its global. Is the man who took so much acid he was stuck forever believing he was an orange

  14. I've also heard it as he believes he's a glass of orange juice and has to sit bolt upright because he's scared of spilling himself.

  15. Because alcohol was not an addiction lol. I've smokes since I was 13. Its a bit harder to quit than drinking lol.

  16. Someone please tell me this is fake

  17. Y’all are being disrespectful,while it may sound unappealing I heard Bile soup is really good if preparing correctly

  18. Nah fuck thar. It ain't disrespecting to say it's gross. I'd eat most things. But this shit is a nope

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