1. im sorry but i just don’t see the impressionist in any top 10 list, probably my least favorite song out of their entire discography lmfao

  2. Interesting! The song blew me away when I heard it and it’s without a doubt my favourite Tallah song. I get goosebumps when I listen to it.

  3. Surfacing makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. "Fuck you all! Fuck this world!"

  4. For me I’ll go with A Liar’s Funeral, Iowa, Psychosocial, and The Negative One

  5. i cant even begin to imagine what the criteria for this would be it looks random

  6. Tentative, Lost in Hollywood, and Forest in mediocre.

  7. Eyeless, but everyone in the audience is blindfolded, except for Marlin Brando.

  8. I imagine George sees this subreddit and goes “what?! What the fuck?”uncontrollable laughter

  9. No u are the first one too ever discover this . And iowa Album has been out for 21 years...

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