1. I'm biased but I'd say a slip tether for sure.

  2. Yoooo you're the 3rd winner. Shoot me a DM on here so we can work out the details.

  3. Blue and Purp all the way! Dope ass tethers bro!

  4. Yoooo you're the 2nd winner. Shoot me a DM on here and let me know which color you'd prefer.

  5. I am heavily biased but I am a big fan of Slip Tethers.

  6. Loving the new update, I've always wanted more control of the LEDs after using disco mode. Here's what I've made so far.

  7. That's a clean combo. Set up is looking sick!

  8. I made slimmer, sleeker tethers if that's something you're interested in.

  9. I actually bought one from you off etsy lol

  10. Hahaha, well I appreciate it! If it hasn't shipped yet all the open orders are going out today. Hope you like it!

  11. Definitely, it's one of my favorites and it seems like everyone else really likes it too. I still have some of that purple cord and those green beads so more are coming soon.

  12. Set up is looking sick! I havent tested them on anything other than the oculus cap so, I'm glad the tether fits well.

  13. Yup, going to restock static and zebra soon. Stock will be a little limited though. I need to get more black cord.

  14. that looks amazing. I cant wait to get mine in.

  15. I find you gotta move the actual rig around as you hit it to move product around, but if youre chazzinf its not enoigh product or youre reheating more than you should.

  16. I make tethers that are a lot slimmer and sleeker if thats what you're looking for.

  17. Nooooo! They are sold out, I've been looking for a cheap replacement topper that you put on your mouth rather than in it.

  18. This is dope. I use wireless chargers for my peak pro but I might just get a magsafe one now.

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