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  1. can we add the vlr rating to these stat threads

  2. hate that after 5 seconds click latency is massively delayed, it should atleast be 10 seconds imho

  3. On the website it says to update both the mouse and the receiver but the download only includes the mouse update software. How do I update the receiver?

  4. Did you ever figure this out? I can't seem to find it either.

  5. I think the receiver update is for xlite v2 page and they just copied it cuz i dont think u gotta update receiver

  6. i’m sorry but every time i hear the name spyder i just remember this really bad indian movie with the same name

  7. U had to hit her atleast once to slow her down…

  8. She might be trying to get him to say he's unhurt so he can't sue her later. When it becomes a legal battle, things can get messy. Could be sincere but I would definitely give someone their space if I was in her position.

  9. Looks to me like she was just panicking/freaked out

  10. I'm so unbelievably frustrated at TSM for not participating in tier 2 tournaments sooner. This match just proved how bad they really are yet they still opted to not play in them until now.

  11. i think they were trying stuff cuz no way they seriously ran a sova less comp on bind

  12. The best bind team in the world doesn't run Sova on Bind btw. And they are doing that for nearly a whole year.

  13. Idk if tsm has nearly the coordination if the best hind team

  14. They almost beat guard though. If they won haven in OT it would’ve been 2-0. They lost ascent because of a bad comp but that’s something that could be fixed. This is an over reaction for sure.

  15. ikr feels like a huge overreaction unless something behind the scenes was seriously wrong

  16. yes but its not like they got 13-0'd by a F/A team, guard has looked very strong, and the first two maps in the series were very close, in fact if 100T won haven it would've been 2-0 100T but they went to ascent which i presume is a map that they didnt have the most prac on based on their comp and gameplay and got absolutely rolled. tbf they started attack side with a 0 duelist comp and tried to default every single fkin round that they had a full buy. I honestly think ascent couldve gone either way if 100T started on defense, it just looked like they were mentally boomed halfway thru their attack side. Also you don't just drop players after they have only played TWO matches which spanned 5 maps, including one win one OT loss, and 2 of those maps being lost to arguably the strongest team in NA rn. Also dropping them while in the middle of a pretty important tournament. Seems like an overreaction to me.

  17. Well say what you want but it’s only 2 ranks off of Radiant which is where most pros are

  18. Im speaking as a current imm 2 player the gap between an immortal player and a t1 pro player is really big, so much so that t1 pros could easily drop 200+ adr in immo lobbies while not even playing their main agent. Look at 100t ethans tracker for example, he gets into immo lobbies cuz he q’s with his gf.

  19. EG, Knights, 100t, and LG are the only teams I don’t see making it to masters. All the other teams have a chance imo

  20. U cant have eg lg and 100t cuz theyre in the same group, one if them is guaranteed to make it

  21. One of them has to make it to the playoffs. I don’t think whichever team that is will make it to masters

  22. After I got into valorant recently, I actually found out he graduated at the same time as me at bths, I regretted not knowing about him sooner. Ik some people got him to sign their yearbooks which is cool

  23. I've been playing since beta and my consistency is still terrible lol. Took a month long break a while back and still not very good at being consistent I'm not sure.

  24. just a tip, a common mistake i see players in low rank make when holding angles is that they hold too close, you want to hold wide enough to give urself time to react. The distance from the angle ur holding should be equal to the amount of time its going to take you to react. So if you have a lower reaction time try holding wider.

  25. I'm not that low elo my guy the problem is if I hold it wide enough for me to react it's too wide to the point they'd already have stopped and shot me lol

  26. Siege does not have PC-console crossplay

  27. Oh, i thought they added it at some point my fault i just remember them saying a lot of things ab crossplay

  28. The crossplay on PC refers to it between PC, Stadia, and Luna

  29. Why are people calling him one leaf instead of just leaf? Im curious

  30. All lineups on A in high ranks for me have been not directly next to, but close to the box that is out to the right behind this wall.

  31. im immortal 2 rn idk how u have never seen this plant

  32. That makes no sense. Fair enough your point about gunplay, but even the most perfect gamesense and macro alone doesn't get you anywhere in a team setting. You can't cut noise yourself, you can't split push yourself, and you definitely can't trade yourself.

  33. U could use it to put urself in positions to trade out ur bad team mates and even when they make mistakes u would be the last one alive and be in position to clutch these rounds

  34. My phobia of lizards, even the smallest kind, started from a paralyzing fear of snakes, when I was about 4. (Lizards are just snakes with legs to me lol)

  35. Same, this one time i went to pee at like 3 am while half asleep. Mid pee i saw a lizard on my foot, I fucking yeeted it soo hard and screamed so loudly the neighbors got woken up.

  36. I was peeing standing up, the stream instantly stopped

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