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  1. It's not so much tough, but time-consuming. I would say make sure you know where the harder to miss items are if you don't already, but don't worry if you miss something on your first run as you have to go through the game to at least NG+2.

  2. The only reach here is that it was done on accident. Im not talking about the whole getup, im talking about the part about it being on accident.

  3. Jesus christ why is everyone shitting on me just let me enjoy my favourite game how I want to

  4. dont listen to these haters. this sub can be as bad as the other sub.

  5. damn laughing at a 13 year old kid whos paralyzed.

  6. For those that believe there are no gameplay changes, how do you reconcile The FireFly Edition offering an early unlock of exploding arrows?

  7. Same here man. I just skipped a job interview and feel so guilty

  8. I dont but i am thinking of making one

  9. I love how he didn't care getting shot by an enemy all the time

  10. GUYS I FOUND A SMALL FIX!!! If you go to settings>Network>Set Up Internet Connection> press the options button> advanced settings. Now change the Wi-Fi Frequency Bands to 5ghz or 2.4ghz. Automatic doesn’t seem to work

  11. Thanks you so much, ive almost threw my ps5 out the window bc of the bug, thx for the fix, i love you may god bless you🙏🏽😩

  12. did this permanently fix the bug for u ? It seems its only a one time fix for me

  13. I got the side effect of voice sounding different on Wellbutrin. It freaked me out .. but it went away when I stopped taking that. Maybe you need to lower your dose.

  14. Ive been on this wellbutrin lexapro combo for 3 years now and it has only made me worse before i even realized it. idk why my dumb ass didnt stop it sooner but i wish i did. Now its hard to get off of and my dr says she wants to stabilize before getting off them fml

  15. 24 years old. First diagnosed with major depressive disorder when i was 21 then recently diagnosed with bipolar

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