1. I pray Love is that dude and Rodgers fucks off forever

  2. Abdullah and Moreau didn't do too bad, other than the one drop Foster had. White also did well filling in for Jacobs. Kind of promising.

  3. Moreau … idk. He had some bad drops.

  4. I have said all year I don’t wanna pay Jacobs because paying an RB rarely works out. I’ve been adamant about it, it’s been my strongest take.

  5. The two guys we did pay on offense ended up taking the money and running.

  6. I mean no. Renfrow didn’t ask to be hurt. Neither did Waller. This is a stupid ass take.


  8. Maxx Crosby has saved this game twice now

  9. Derek Carr again being asked to win a shootout because his D allows a billion points

  10. i think we collectively agree that if you need 3 inches to get a first and you toss the ball back 48 inches to try and run outside is fucking stupid.

  11. Yeah that’s not what I’m talking about tho

  12. I want to say around either Thanksgiving or Christmas 2019. Like the other commenter said, same episode he talked about Tiger's dick lol

  13. Hardest I’ve ever heard Bill laugh. When he finally gains his composure he just goes ‘…. Well said.’

  14. I'd like a poll to see if we can do away with this "Bo Cruz" stuff. Juancho is his name, and it's a cool one, let's use it, people.

  15. Ray Allen got called Jesus Shuttleworth. Relax.

  16. If you appreciate him at least call him by his real name

  17. Yeah agreed, he should have not said anything on a helmet to helmet hit that could’ve ended his career. Totally. What a jerk, getting hit like that.

  18. ITT: people don't understand he was fined for abusing the ref. Not for being right. Every professional league in the world doesn't let you abuse refs.

  19. I’ve never heard him give a reason. It’s always a one off comment like “meh”. This is one of those things that really makes you wonder why the pod hasn’t just been renamed “Movies Bill Likes”.

  20. Nah he’s said he likes Carrey multiple times. Idk wtf you’re talking about.

  21. He’s coked out of his head here

  22. The people who say we don’t need to sign Jacobs gonna find something out Sunday if he doesn’t go

  23. Jacobs is great. If we give him the bag, and choose to allocate resources to the O when we need to fix the D, well then I hope you’re enjoying this season because you’ll be seeing more like it

  24. Kinda wild three of these guys have been raiders.

  25. He said basically this on the pod with Hbob

  26. So like we have a baby coming end of feb/early march. Are we just SOL ?

  27. This is a pod about movies that Bill wants to talk about. Despite it being a good idea, I've made my peace with what it is. I listen to those that I want to. But any illusions about anything cinematic about Bill's choices should be thrown out the window. Should be turned over to CR and Sean but Bill is too arrogant for that.

  28. Nah. I love CR and Sean but they get way too into the weeds for the average listener (which isn't represented by the people on this sub). Bill brings an everyman angle for the most part that I think the majority or Rewatchables listeners identify with.

  29. 2 sacks, FF and a blocked FG not enough for Maxx, damn.

  30. It could have gone either way but I don't know if they count a blocked FG towards DPOW, honestly.

  31. That's a good point, probably goes to STPOW. Which is kinda dumb.

  32. no, the Chargers love Staley. they don’t want you, smelly. Arizona it is

  33. I heard Herbert called him a dumb poopy head. Someone send him property listings in Scottsdale.

  34. Timing is funny of course but for a city that’s about to get a bunch of teams, makes sense to do.

  35. People make these dumbass threads when they just put out a four hour Boogie Nights pod

  36. Russillo posts instagram pics all the time hanging out with actual children…

  37. His friends/siblings kids...? That's the same as going to frolic room with a chain-smoking dude in his late 20's to you?

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