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  1. I also envision Pawnee residents unable to wear masks correctly; so Leslie and Andy have to go on an educational tour! Ron of course objects to this too citing government overreach and natural selection.

  2. i see that, and also Leslie has to keep reminding Andy not to pull the mask down every time he needs to cough or sneeze

  3. Agreed…what about Tom & Jean Ralphio trying to score some of that PPE money?

  4. hahaha yes, with Jean-Ralphio and Mona-Lisa also maybe faking positive covid tests to get out of responsibilities

  5. Bo Burnham. Just not funny to me. He actually seems quite pretentious and I find his whole schtick to be quite ‘holier than thou’ at times

  6. hiya, restarted my island a while back so need all the fruit except peaches, pears, and coconuts!

  7. Percy Jackson! Had the misfortune of watching it before reading any of the books so didn't understand why so many people disliked it. I understand now.

  8. Yep you have a very valid point! It's definitely in character for Michael and I wouldn't change the events in the episode for anything! I guess because I'm one of those people who gets probably a little too invested in the characters, it's also extremely frustrating for me to watch.. but in a good way, if that makes sense? Definitely not hating on the writing/character!

  9. thank you! it was a pain ngl, it’s movements are so erratic so it took manyyyy attempts to get the knack of it!

  10. A huge recommendation i have is to hoe up every last wormy patch you see, especially (specifically?) in winter. Some items have a higher chance of spawning in your farm while others will only be found in the mines (I’ve gotten several dozen chicken statues from hoeing crops, never gotten one from the mines, for example). Trade in omni geodes for artifact troves to fully eliminate your chances of getting gems/ore. (And having a full octopus pond helps with this!)

  11. thank you for this advice! this might seem like a dumb question, but how would i go about trading omni geodes for artefact troves?

  12. At the desert trader! There’s also a camel you can click to interact with and it’s adorable. (They also trade staircases for Jade on Sundays and Jade can be manufactured in crystallariums)

  13. ah i see! i’m the same, i tend to ignore her tbh because i never carry tradable items when first entering the desert to keep my inventory clear, and then by the time i leave the cavern i’m having to book it home to avoid passing out! i’ll definitely try to save my omni geodes to trade with her from now on. thank you so much for your help and patience with a noob like me :)

  14. I love Elliott so much but like... Leah? I hate that they are always together. I can swear that they meet each other secretly but i can't prove it xd

  15. hehe i used to feel the same but then it turned out she’s canonically lesbian in my play through so now i kinda love their friendship!

  16. 9852 6942 0842 - still relatively new to the poke scene so looking for daily gift exchanges and the occasional raid :)

  17. I get a little bit scared when meeting people I haven't seen a while because I feel I look so different and I hate the idea of being judged. Also pretty much all of my 'nice' clothes no longer fit so when I do go out, I tend to wear mostly loose clothes which makes me look like a bit of a slob. It still doesn't matter too much as the UK is still in stages of lockdown, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't absolutely bricking it about restrictions being totally lifted and having to go back to Uni/Work etc.

  18. Animal Crossing for sure. Living on an island with a bunch of (mostly) friendly talking animals. No 9-5 work required. Interest free loans that you can take as long as you like to pay off. I see no downside

  19. Sometimes sadness, sometimes numbness, sometimes hopelessness, and sometimes it's some how all three at once. In my experience, the biggest problem I face in bad depressive episodes is complete lack of motivation - not only for more understandable stuff like uni work or physically demanding activities, but also very simple things like cleanliness and hygiene. I'm ashamed to admit it, but at my worst I could go over a week without a shower or cleaning my teeth or brushing my hair, would have no motivation to prepare food so would either not eat or binge on takeaway, and wouldn't clean my room so I would practically be living in a tip. The worst part is, because it makes a person so ashamed when they realise how they've been living, it can make the depression worse and so the vicious cycle continues. Without support it can lead to a person becoming suicidal and/or abusing substances to feel something other than the depression. It can get really dark. So if you know someone who might be suffering, reach out and let them know you're there - even small things can make all the difference.

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