1. So we have Okarun with the power of music, Momo with the power of cute and Jiji with the power of friendship

  2. So the author created a revolutionary strategy just to make a good manga… Impressive, very nice

  3. I love, loooove how lighthearted these last chapters feels. It’s not about an evil vampire anymore, it’s about 2 friends making up

  4. So we’re back to character being silly and dumb… I really missed that

  5. Running towards your friend with 2 wooden swords and a creepy grin is peak adolescence

  6. Yeah but I read enough manga to see where this is going… some kind of “When you go to Spain we’ll hookup”

  7. I don’t want to be crass, but I think Mahiru and Kiku are… You know… Holding hands at nite

  8. Dude, Ohma is Sandbag EASY. While fighting Kuroki, the man was basically a palliative care pacient.

  9. Add a spoiler tag, not everyone is there yet.

  10. I like how all the girls together have the same presence as Agito’s cake.

  11. You can use it a couple hours after the peak. Even after the starter falls it is still ready to go.

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