1. Damn, it's 7:30 AM already. That four hours went by faaast. I had a whole bottle of Champagne and half a pot of coffee, though...

  2. Sadly we only have 2 good players left on the tour

  3. Djokovic inside RLA is like what Voldemort thought the Elder Wand would be like ("I am extraordinary, this is my ordinary magic.") He plays extraordinary inside RLA even compared to his normal play on other courts

  4. Never understand why players don't go big on second serve when they're up 40-0 or 40-15

  5. Anyone knows the names of the commentators for this Novak-Tommy match? One guy's name seems to be Josh something.

  6. But when would she have time to do that? The umpire told her as Elena was walking over to serve. There’s a serve clock.

  7. That doesn’t make sense, there is a serve clock after every point

  8. If there's enough time to receive coaching between points, which there is, there's enough time for the player to give the coach feedback on the coaching

  9. Tell her you plan to file a police report against her for breaking and entering or trespassing or whatever the particular crime is. That will shut her up real quick

  10. In Australia, a Dutch oven is when you fart in bed and then pull the covers over the person next to you.

  11. In America too. That's what I thought this post was going to be about

  12. you make your first Slam SF but minutes later realize you're dating your mother's doppelganger. rollercoaster

  13. Seems to be a trend among the young American players. Korda GF looks like she could be the third Korda sister...

  14. Really, really hope that Rublev beats Djokovic given Rublev's propensity to lose to Americans at Slams...

  15. What is the deal with all these finals on RLA? Get the men’s game going already, there’s plenty of courts.

  16. They sell tickets for two matches so they can’t just move them to another court. It’s a breach of contracts with thousands of people.

  17. This isn't even a long match. They would have had to have already scheduled and sold the matches separately on separate courts for this to even make sense

  18. Aside from JPEG, all women in quarters are Slavic (Penko is part Slavic afaik). Just a random observation.

  19. That's pretty common. Half the Top Ten is Slavic

  20. Yikes, that's pretty much the same thing Osaka said after she lost at the Open in 2021

  21. Pegula is playing like she is invincible and tbf she is. What a phenomenal win!

  22. With how much she has improved, there is nobody who deserves the win more than she does

  23. And let's add in a Bills Super Bowl to the mix

  24. Kinda funny that Jessie and Iga both served for the match at 6-0, 5-1

  25. if bucsa gets double bageled, then i can proudly say that i would be able to perform just as well as her against iga over two sets. proud of myself 🥹

  26. Petchy is such a horrendous interview. He's got charisma, but he asks the dumbest questions

  27. Props to everyone who's still watching over there lmao. Can't imagine how exciting it must feel. Memories of a lifetime.

  28. I saw Wozniacki at the US Open on a third date. Against Danielle Collins, actually, before I ever heard of her. I was completely obsessing over Woz until my date was like, "S---, I'm never going to be a professional tennis player, you're just going to have to accept that."

  29. I wanna know her return game % in that time period. Over 50%, yeah?

  30. I think Fritzy is my favorite man on tour right now. And my favorite player, male or female, playing on these halves of the draws

  31. It's ridiculous that every woman I care about is in the top half of the draw. Like literally my five favorite women

  32. Well, I fucked myself. Made chips and queso after Draper went up the break, because I figured we had another two hours. Now I can't go to sleep after eating queso, and Iga doesn't start for another hour.

  33. I don't think it's a coincidence that a German wizard with a notion of pureblood supremacy came to power at the same time as Hitler and fell the same year as the end of World War II. I think it's a very safe assumption that Hitler and Grindelwald were aware of each other, if not actively working together

  34. Someone asked me a similar question today. This was my response.

  35. He’d invite Tyler to join the team. Tyler would help serve the dessert.

  36. Pretty much exactly what they did.

  37. And I as explain in a subsequent comment, if he's going to change the rules, he could literally just blink Sauron out of existence, so it's a BS question to start with

  38. But that answer was assuming that Eru would be limited to a form, and weakened, and you just said Eru can do whatever he wants.

  39. Who's excited for the Norrie/Isner Championship Match tonight?

  40. It went from Rune to Nishioka to Korda to Djokovic?

  41. Not going to stay up for the rest of the Korda match, but what a night for Team USA. Wins the United Cup in Sydney, Coco wins in Auckland. Sebbie up a set against Djoko in Adelaide

  42. So, Jessie was 4-1 (L v. Kvitova). Fritzy was 4-1 (L v. Norrie). Big Foe was 5-0. Maddie is 4-0.

  43. Next year when the Czechs bring in the Lindas it’s over for everyone else.

  44. They could literally field an all Linda/Jiri team

  45. They are. Elves are MASSIVELY more lethal than humans. The 1st and 2nd ages were absurdly brutal.

  46. Let's look at the most badass Elf that's still present in the Third Age. Glorfindel. Mans fought a Balrog to death, just as effectively as Gandalf did. Then he was sent back.

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