1. Ohio is a dump and deslime needs to go!!!

  2. Global is shit don't encourage that site🤣

  3. I'm from Chicago and I know we drive aggressive but at least I'm safe here in CLT it's a complete shit show!!! Drivers are too fucking passive, stopping in the middle of the street to let someone pull out of a restaurant or you got these clowns who think it's cool to blow red lights because they can't be patient enough to wait for green.

  4. It's not iveys job to progress the game for other players, and I'm not dismissing sextons role in poker and ambassador. Mike is iconic yes R.I.P!!! Ivey is not online spewing information daily doing vlogs giving away info like alot of these want to be vloggers trying to get rich. Ivey goes in conquers rinse repeat.

  5. I've never thought coinflex was trustworthy. They've looked like a scam propped up with lots of money since the beginning

  6. Doug Polk was promoting the hell out of this on his crypto YouTube videos!!!

  7. Poker vloggers are perfect come on we all know this🤣

  8. Yea I believe they gave me about 150.00 in bonuses because of the attacks they've had recently.

  9. I don't want to hear Republicans crying over this....

  10. I love Reddit a platform where us people can come together and put terrible NC drivers on blast and embarrass them😏🤣

  11. Lol Tony G if you play poker you know what a chad he is.

  12. This isnt poker related. Its doug polk related at best.

  13. Oops my bad isn't he associated with poker? Last I checked he was but I could be wrong.😏

  14. You shluld post about cars he buys and restaurants he goes to as well

  15. First let's get your Grammer together "should" I don't know what "shuld" is like in your previous comment.😏🤣

  16. I withdraw from bovada to my wallet to Coinbase than instant withdrawal.

  17. I usually do match pay or Bitcoin for withdrawals works like a charm!

  18. It's easy create user account with match pay, add your cash app Venmo PayPal zelle to match pay. Boom done!

  19. Who in their right minds would want to move to Texas?

  20. Seems like a better spot to bet 1/2-3/4 pot not full.

  21. How did it work out? He folded. Would you rather win, say, $216 additional 10% of the time or, say, $108 additional 40% of the time?

  22. I ended up making 2500 in 3 hrs at a .50/1 table I think I did ok.

  23. Yea I was thinking about the situation that player was playing Uber aggressive and was calling everyone off at the table so thought why not bet pot.

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