1. Draw with 20g or you'll end up coring your vial and wasting the rest of it.

  2. FYI There is a method that healthcare professionals use that reduces the chance of coring

  3. Thanks, I'll have to try that. Going in at an angle before fully inserting makes sense. I've had several issues with coring but also always go in straight down from the top, which sounds like that may be the problem.

  4. With EV supply can change frequently and you might sometimes have to switch pharmacies because of it. I usually keep at least one extra vial because of the instability of the supply chain for EV. My pharmacy for other meds is often different from where I get my EV because of that.

  5. If it was a trans guy you were talking to I could see how that could be offensive to them personally because that term is more associated with trans women. But it's not transphobic in general, it's something many trans women use to refer to their genitals.

  6. Some women are in fact very sensitive and prefer butt stuff. Some religious people also think that butt stuff is somehow not losing their virginity and will refrain from PIV.

  7. sad to know the US isn’t the only country who forces trans women to serve in the military because of their agab 🙄

  8. Pickles and other salty foods (salt n vinegar chips) are meme-status among transfemme folks. We fucking love them.

  9. Yeah you definitely shouldn’t start transition with Premarin but after 4 years of me taking Estrodiol and not responding to hrt, I’m starting Premarin in two weeks to see if I have any better luck with that. Premarin does have a purpose, especially for those of us who just do not respond to Estrodiol

  10. There are uses for it, but a doctor who started someone who's never been on HRT before Premarin to start with is incompetent.

  11. All endocronologists are incompetent tho. I was started out on 2mg estrodiol pills and given progesterone about month 5. I’ve had trouble responding to anything and had to figure everything out on my own. Endos are basically just there to prescribe me whatever I ask for, including Premarin which i just got a prescription for.

  12. Some are worse than others, but there's definitely something to be said for educating yourself so you can make sure you get the proper treatment.

  13. You'll need to make a new account, you can't change usernames on reddit.

  14. I've been on progesterone for about 2.5 years now except for one week when I was traveling and accidentally left it at home. During that one week my libido plummeted, but otherwise I think it's been pretty similar to what it was before HRT. There's less urgency behind it, and it's different, but it's still definitely there.

  15. I don't know what the legal situation for obtaining needles in Canada is, but in the US (in a state that doesn't ban needle sales without a prescription, which is most states) I just order boxes of 100 from Amazon. is another option I've seen people use (again, in the US).

  16. It often does take longer, but a week and a half isn't unusual either.

  17. I have a pretty decent collection, but really only two that I wear regularly (one black, one beige). I throw them both in the wash about once every week or so in a bra bag, they don't need to be washed too often unless you're sweating a lot or working out.

  18. Its only for adults. Children are unable to give consent as they are literally not of age of consent. Not sure how you got that turned around.

  19. Parents can provide consent if the provider allows it.

  20. It's kinda required if you want your prescription to be written, but having your blood tested yearly is also good to make sure things are going well. Should just be a short check in, and I think the medical reasons behind it are sound.

  21. I assume cored as in wether it seals back up or not

  22. Yes, but also if it's cored there's probably little tiny bits of rubber in the vial. It really shouldn't be used afterwards.

  23. Adding onto this, Cyproterone, or Cypro is another anti-androgen.

  24. Cypro is better than spiro, but cypro isn't available in the US, so that's why spiro is more common here.

  25. I see, that makes sense then as to why I only ever see Spiro get talked about

  26. Yeah, bica is kinda up and coming, but most doctors aren't familiar with it, so they won't prescribe it.

  27. I don't know about that specific one, but I've seen a TENS unit used to simulate period cramps before, and the women using it seemed to think it was pretty accurate. You can buy them for as little as $10 on Amazon, though the $20 ones are probably a bit better.

  28. It's too late for puberty blockers, planned parenthood claims in provides e and anti androgens for 16 year olds with parental consent I just don't k own if they're reliable

  29. Planned Parenthood is reliable, I've been getting HRT through them for 3.5 years now. If they're still able to offer it once you turn 16 go for it.

  30. If you were on Tumblr you'd be asking the same question except you'd think there were more FtMs than MtFs. It's just the way the demographics happened to work out for whatever reason.

  31. Those are basically just a scam. You can get actual E cheaper from elsewhere if you're not able to get them from a doctor in your country (look at the sidebar on

  32. Depends on what your dominant hormone is. Men's is designed for the type of BO that people who run on T get, and women's is designed for the type of BO people who run on E get.

  33. Very new to poly I don’t really know the terms (I’ve seen the word meta and I have no clue what that means) I’ll change that thank you for letting me know

  34. My girlfriend's boyfriend and I don't have a romantic relationship with each other, so he's my meta.

  35. NTA. Belle is insecure and needs to deal with that before either of them is actually ready for a poly relationship.

  36. Women's breasts are rarely symmetrical. You won't really know how symmetrical they're going to be until they're grown, because particularly when they're still growing they tend to be uneven.

  37. Thank you! I don't have anyone local to ask these questions and it's so nice to know this is normal 😭

  38. This website is good for finding trans friendly salons. It's focused on hair so may not be as useful for makeup/waxing, but some hair places do waxing as well.

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