1. With garments like this, any girl with a B cup or larger should go one size up for bewbs.

  2. Probably true but I’m loosing weight so went with my normal size.

  3. Once you're at goal weight, you'll want to go shopping anyway. So at the moment, you may as well buy clothing that fits you right now. That body deserves a nice wardrobe too.

  4. Having bed space, even if it’s small, can be pretty practical if all you’re doing is occasionally moving furniture or small scale home projects.

  5. I have a minivan to fit multiple kids. If I put their seats down, I can haul all sorts of furniture instead. My husband even folded a foam king mattress and box springs into it, which surprised me! I knew he could stack the half box springs inside, but I thought he'd have to rope the mattress itself to the roof.

  6. People really underestimate how much a normal car can fit and also mini-vans are hands down the best utility vehicle for like 90% of people.

  7. I'm ashamed of how much I enjoy the minivan. It's so dowdy but damnit it perfectly anticipates my needs. There's even a built-in vacuum cleaner for when the kid spills something.

  8. What is the shirt made of? Cheap polyester and rayon can get smelly.

  9. It just doesn't sit right with me. It feels like a gotcha kind of punchline.

  10. Idk what to tell you... She's just discussing a very powerful and emotional situation that many women experience at that age. She's challenging traditional ideas using very loose poetic musings.

  11. I didn't like the way she spoke and I explained why. Do with that opinion what you will.

  12. They won’t deliver when it’s closed, you’ll be fine

  13. You have a lot of faith in delivery drivers.

  14. I'd add it after the street address. For example, if I lived at 123 Main Street in Apt C, I'd write: "123 Main St Apt C" as the first line of the address.

  15. They do. Look at the link in my top comment.

  16. They're supposed to look like it. They're definitely not actually glass.

  17. Nursing homes are like daycares though. Ask a Nurse at your local hospital and they can tell you which ones are the worst. Why? Because those nursing homes have revolving doors with the hospital. They have people being checked in constantly for bedsores, and other easily preventable wounds. Look how quick covid spread through nursing homes compared to seniors living in their own homes. When elderly people need rehab after hip surgery and such, doctors try to get a family member to take care of them in their own home rather than send the patient to a rehab. A nurse still visits the patient, and insurance is quite happy to pay for at home versus rehab center.

  18. I get the sense that nursing homes are a place of last resort, and anyone who can get along with sponge baths while they can't climb stairs to the bathroom should be at home.

  19. Because their families can’t handle their care without help. I can’t speak to other countries, but in the US, the nursing home industry is massive and has very powerful lobbyists ensuring that they have a steady stream of elders and disabled people who need care and have no other options. If we fully funded Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) so that people could get as much care as they need from personal care attendants and/or nurses, the vast majority of elders and disabled folks could stay in their homes, instead of being warehoused in Skilled Nursing Facilities.

  20. Is it lobbying or just saving tax money? It must be less expense to care for a hundred patients in one building than for staff to travel to a hundred different homes. (Same reason that Airbnb charges so much for cleaning but hotels don't) The sticker prices may not reflect that, but they're so obscured by insurance that they mean nothing.

  21. You'd think rural towns would be, because they're smaller, less car dependent and more walkable than big cities, but when I lived in a rural town of 8k in the Midwest, it was far less walkable (except the old town) than the car dependent post WW2 suburb I grew up in.

  22. It depends on the rural town. A hamlet from 1900 is walkable. A greenfield development five miles from a Walmart is not.

  23. Or if his employer hadn't ignored his complaints about other equipment. A repair bill after that is just salt in the wound.

  24. Very possibly, not sure but that would make sense. He's trying to sell their house in LA where she lives with the kids but I'm not sure where they would move to. He did say his work has dried up between 2021 - 2022, and I'm sure they're both paying a ton in legal fees.

  25. Did his work dry up because the pandemic cancelled a lot of projects, or is there a more long term reason?

  26. I don't think he clarified that, at least not in the court documents. Could be a bit of both?

  27. Though really, his level of work twenty years ago should have set him up for life if he was smart about it. And that house he could sell for $2 mil was probably bought for less than $1 mil (I assume he bought it when he married?).

  28. Don’t become a bedside nurse or CNA

  29. And if you do, pretend that OSHA applies to your job and lift accordingly. Shoulders, neck, and back should play no role in that.

  30. One reason I changed to pediatrics is because you can do your proper mechanics all you want with adults, but there still going to grab onto you when you don’t expect it and unfortunately for us we often prioritize our patients over ourselves.

  31. You're right, I forgot. I was thinking of boxes in a warehouse, weights at a gym, and other things that can't move on their own.

  32. Really? You're the only one I've ever met who enjoys wearing those crappy dress pants or khakis most stores give their employees. When I use to be a cashier we all wanted nothing more than to wear sweat pants

  33. Wearing clothing for the situation grounds me in it. Dress pants put me in the mind of customer service or whatever I'm supposed to be doing. And by only wearing pajamas at home, I only associate them with home, so they're purely relaxing.

  34. I promise you that cashier would rather be wearing pj's too

  35. That hasn't been my experience working in retail.

  36. Where and when is the riot and where do I buy my pitchfork

  37. Is that not the info that appears when you click "Lower my bill"?

  38. As someone who happened to do this, but has decent insurance, I advise against it. When you have a due date in summer, that means you're most pregnant when the weather is most hot. 😰

  39. There are people in Silicon Valley who have a million dollars who can't afford to buy a house. Hard to feel rich when you rent.

  40. If they’d been clean we wouldn’t have judged so much, but when you look like you just threw on the dirty clothes from your floor it just doesn’t seem respectful…and my grandma would have been horrified, she was very proper

  41. My uncle (by marriage) and cousin did the same thing at my grandma's funeral. Clean, but the most casual thing in his wardrobe. It was obvious disrespect.

  42. Went to one recently. I had a nice pressed suit, black, white shirt tie. I felt like I was dressed as security. EVERYONE was wearing whatever blazer and button up they had, and frankly I liked it. It felt like a church service not morose all black affair. I wished I had worn something more colorful in hindsight. Everyone wanted to come to together and celebrate the deceased, they wanted to see old friends and share warm stories. Black felt rellly out of place there in a good way,

  43. I think business casual is acceptable for funerals now, dark colors preferred but not required. Most men below the age of 50 might not own a suit anyway.

  44. I swear I saw an informational video somewhere about CDs and how; if it's not an mp3 cd, it's still the best quality. Something about it still being grooves in the material or something; sort of like vinyl, but better. Unless I'm wrong there are audio CDs, and mp3 CDs, and it's the mp3 CDs that digitize the music into what Jack White hates, but audio CDs are a Lazer reading bumps and grooves instead of a needle reading bumps and grooves.

  45. I remember that the early adopters of the CD format were predominantly fans of classical music, because they're more likely to be audiophiles listening to nuance.

  46. My kids paying less for things like college tuition and housing because there's less competition in their generation: 😃

  47. Having kids is genetic... if your parents don't have any, you probably won't either.

  48. Ah fair enough. I used to be a reasonably heavy coffee drinker but stopped last year to see how it felt and don't think I could go back. The sleep quality I get now is revolutionary.

  49. I only drink one mug with breakfast and occasionally another one after lunch. The only time I drank coffee after dark was when I was pregnant and wanted to stay awake for social things.

  50. Framed copy of your lease or mortgage bill. That will start conversations that will give you PTSD.

  51. A portable air conditioner to represent how most of the housing stock is ancient and not fit for global warming.

  52. As a matter of fact, absorbing semen can prevent morning sickness in the pregnant mother.

  53. As a matter of fact, absorbing semen can prevent morning sickness in the pregnant mother.

  54. Amen! We have our house deep cleaned once a month, the following week after our cleaner comes I never feel more relaxed hahah

  55. Fancy. I get that maybe once a season. It has to get to a certain level of awful before I can make myself reach for the checkbook.

  56. Wow honestly needed to hear this. I’m a new mom of two and have been killing myself trying to keep the house straight that I have no time to work on myself. It’s just impossible to do it all, thank you for the perspective

  57. If you can carve out any space for it in the budget, hire a housecleaner. Living in a magically clean place will relax you more than any spa day.

  58. Except from what I've heard, Chuck Tingle actually puts out work that could be considered quality. A bizarre quality but still quality unlike this shit.

  59. Should've spent more on a cover designer from Fiverr.

  60. Majel was having an affair with him at the same time he was having one with Nichelle Nichols - Roddenberry was married to someone else at the time. He and Majel even got "married" in a Shinto ceremony before his divorce was finalised. I think she knew what kind of man he was - he always had affairs.

  61. If he'll cheat with you, he'll cheat on you.

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