1. If you could stay with the innocent mentality of a toddler if you had the opportunity to stay in that body wouldn’t you want to keep it? Grogu doesn’t understand like an adult but he enjoys being his age. Otherwise why would he be acting like a baby

  2. Henry finally got caught cheating but his corruption has resulted and now Jeannie is indulging with him over the smell of the side hoe’s panties

  3. Bro this like saying being horny while having your nails peeled off isn't fun

  4. :v im curious enough to want to see now

  5. Idk, people just can’t respect boundaries

  6. The only reason I'd want to be a woman is the dms on this app. It'd be fun to see all of the creepy guys

  7. There have been occasions when I say “I wished I was a woman right now because of insert advantage women have over men” and also cause I’m curious what being born a woman is like… but I was born a man, I’m a man and I’m completely fine with being a man. So no thanks. No trans for me

  8. Short girls are hot. You can pick them up, pin them to the ground and wall and yeet them on the couch or bed easily

  9. Nice, meaning I don’t have to break my neck to get to your mommy milkies every time we hug

  10. You and nobody. Everyone knows thigh highs stay on at all times. No taking them off

  11. Because you made a post about wanting to be bred to be impregnated… but no have a baby…

  12. Why do you think I want them in my dm’s all the time

  13. Who am I making them wear this? Tough choice. Tough choice

  14. They don't call me the rizzard of oz for nothing. You play doom eternal?

  15. Fun fact, they do call me the rizzard of oz for absolutely no reason

  16. I'm not very picky. Im pan. I like everyone who likes me

  17. I’d say small… cause she is flat. So for giant standards they are small

  18. Aye, wanna be a homie and make me a solid?

  19. Yeah Bruce Lee can easily use a choke hold on me and I don’t have to get hurt. Mike Tyson would just punch me. I don’t want that

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