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  1. Sure, but retention is around 105%. So while recruiting is falling short, those who sign up tend to stay for longer periods of time.

  2. Source? I ask because that’s not true or even possible.

  3. Makes contrarian statement, demands source, while refusing to provide evidence for his own

  4. How many people over the age of 18 do you know who don't own a phone?

  5. I feel that this type of moderation style applies to many subs... Don't agree with the mod on a topic? Ban time!

  6. Scavs were removed due to performance issues, Tarkov engine is incapable of having multiple player PMC and multiple AI players at the same time. 3 years ago e.g. Shoreline was full of Scavs all over the map, now most of the maps resemble a ghost town.

  7. And how many scavs, bosses, and players do they want to have on Streets, hmm? I swear, the whole thing is starting to sound like a pipe dream

  8. Am I missing something? Looking at the exchange rate, the pound us nowhere close to collapsing

  9. It's fallen 30% in a year. Idk what you define as collapsing, but that's a pretty good definition right there. Also 6% since last month. In terms of economic timescales, yeah. It's falling hard

  10. Looked through graphs for several major currencies. All of them have fallen 20-30% over last year. It's not that the pound is collapsing, it's just that the entire world is facing an economic downturn.

  11. Feel the same way with right wing stoners.

  12. I feel like rednecks smoke reefer just like anyone else, no? 😂

  13. Cool, so they made a fortune and a half. Can they now fix their shit, seeing how CP2077 is a major cash cow?

  14. I'm out of the loop about SCHD. I see it mentioned here like it's some super fund for dividents, but looking at the stats I'm not that impressed, dividend and growth wise. A divident of 3-4% is OK, but you can get a stock like VZ and get even better payout. Can someone shed some light on this?

  15. Why the fuck was the girl wearing a plate carrier and a combat helmet??? Like, I'm all for blaming the police and pile onto the usual

  16. Did you get to play the DMZ mode? That's what I'm really interested in.

  17. It's odd to me that not a single democracy ever seems to have a vote on immigration. Do we want tons? A few skilled only? Some skilled and some refugees? Some unskilled, or maybe lots? Language tests? (Basic or intermediate level required?)

  18. Like for any issues, few are voted on directly via referendum. Most of the time your elected officials vote on legislation in a way that represents their constituency, or at least that's what's supposed to happen in theory.

  19. My bigger concern is that somehow auto-resolve thinks that a single Kroxigor won't get melted instantly by the number of archers on the enemy team 🤔

  20. Religious item or not, the fuck do you expect to happen when you bring a knife to a weapons-free building? Doesn't matter if it's unsharpened, sheathed, whatever... Freedom of religion has its limits. I can't make up a religion that requires me to carry a rifle everywhere I go, now can I?

  21. I guess that's the secondary joke. The whole thing of "sapiosexual" means to be attractive to smart people. By definition smart people are among those who know what "sapiosexual" means. Therefore, asking for the definition is a proof of not being a target audience for lady Samantha.

  22. I have a doctorate, and I still would have to look up what "spaiosexual" means, and so would most of my colleagues. I guess we wouldn't be smart enough for Sam over here 😭

  23. "You either die a hero, or live long enough to become the villain."

  24. I'm really confused. The guy who wrote song(s) about the Berlin wall and the Iron Curtain being shit, is siding with Russia? Did dementia kick in?

  25. He isn't siding with Russia he is mad the CIA backed a COUP that caused a CIVIL War that created the "special military operation". Also the funding is dragging out a war and prolonging needless suffering.

  26. Are you referring to the "civil war" in Ukraine in 2014 when a bunch of farmers in the east pulled tanks, artillery, and other professional military gear out of their ass, following which Russia seized Crimea? And blew up a civilian airliner out of the sky? And now started a war to de-Nazify a country with a Jewish president?

  27. Ibuprofen doses higher than 400 mg are not indicated for anaelgesic effects. Higher doses do not achieve better effects.

  28. I don't buy it. Studies aside, I can tell from my own and patients' experience, pain relief is better at 600/800 compared to 400. Tried it myself, 800 seems to work somewhat better and longer than 400 or 600. Maybe I'm placeboing myself, but if it works, then it isn't stupid 🤷

  29. Edit: exception probably being if animal was tested post-bite for the virus, and results were negative. Couple that with pet being vaxxed, provoked bite, and lack of otherwise concerning symptoms in the pet, and I guess the probability of getting rabies becomes infinitely small enough to warrant forgoing rabies vax.

  30. Lol, too many people with ADHD actually have comorbid autism, and I feel like Reddit attracts those types like flies to shit.

  31. It gets even more stupid with how much AR favours walls. Playing as Clan moulder I build garrison buildings in every capital and in every even somewhat contested region. A maxed-out but half dead garrison in a T3 minor settlement beat a VC 18-stack with Grave Guard, Cairn Wraiths, and a Carstein lord on a dragon.

  32. I'm so confused. So garrisons are good after all??? Y'all need to make up your minds

  33. They patches the dodging in WH2, but looks like it's back in 3, probably because of version control that didn't carry over.

  34. They patches the dodging in WH2, but looks like it's back in 3, probably because of version control that didn't carry over.

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