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  1. I think Viney could still use her beast keeping magic for some veterinary work too.

  2. Matpat? Did something happen with him?

  3. Dude, even Blue's fans are starting to hate him. Has there ever been a player hated by their own fucking fans?

  4. I would say it wasn’t serious, because when you are serious when Maiko says “oh I have the chip too” she goes down in a nanosecond regardless.

  5. I think this particular detail really helps. Maiko thinking V's a weak dumbass after getting rocked while not trying is the perfect schadenfreude for her trying to replicate the event and getting her shit pushed in.

  6. It's weird that the best division by goal differential (Atlantic, with +28) has a negative goal differential against the worst division by goal differential (Pacific, with -25).

  7. Bad teams from the pacific embarrassing Atlantic teams has essentially been a trend this season.

  8. I thought it was “if I remember correctly”

  9. I thought it was "If I recall correctly".

  10. God, the Golden Knights really are sports movie villains huh?

  11. I'm not watching the game, what the fuck is happening right now.

  12. Everytime I see this art, I think of Hazel from Infinity Train, but nobody else seems to bring her up.

  13. That's the thing, Martin isn't descended from Tiber Septim at all. Apart from the second emperor, Pelagius I, none of the emperors were. The royal family descends from Talos's cousin.

  14. I guess genetic isn't really the right term to use when it comes to royal compacts with the divine. Regardless of the direct line of ancestry, the dynasty as a whole retains the compact with Akatosh, and are considered 'Dragonborn' by merit of their relation to Tiber Septim.

  15. So Ayleyd who wore it before Alessia was born and never worshipped Akatosh invented by Alessia to please Nord and meretic people in Cyrodil lands was Dragonborn too?

  16. Idk what in Oblivion you're on about, the Dragonfires are explicitly connected to Akatosh and the Dragonborn lineage to keep the seal between Mundus and Oblivion secure.

  17. There is one Jackets fan in here, and all they said was Bedard, that tells me more than the score does lol.

  18. This was... a good win? A good win!

  19. Red OSPComicaurora has officially breached containment

  20. I thought this post seemed suspiciously delightfully snarky. Or might I say perhaps, Overly Sarcastic

  21. Wasnt there that one dude given the duty of Dictator of Rome but then immediately went back to farming afterwards when his task (winning a war) was done?

  22. Cincinnatus. He did it twice if I recall correctly.

  23. 👏 The 👏 show 👏 is 👏 about 👏 friendship. 👏

  24. never watched this show so i looked it up out of curiosity and…these characters are 13? like, ppl think these children are canonically in a throuple??

  25. “… the blue check mark was meant to be a way of making sure who you were talking to” and yet as we can see, it isn’t made clear who is who with the current blue checkmarks impersonating someone

  26. Which... is exactly what I'm saying? They're demonstrating that if just anyone can have a checkmark, anyone can impersonate anyone. The whole point of them doing this is to demonstrate how easy it would be to do if people could just buy verification.

  27. That literally means the previous verification system was crap. He plans on creating a new system AS well as allowing people to buy verification.

  28. Vanilla releases with France, Germany, UoB, Russia, Austria, Japan and USA/CSA/TEX all getting crappy but functional focus trees. People will complain that Austria’s tree is super barebones sort of like Italy.

  29. Is the Lawrence Resistance joke your own, or someone else's?

  30. Yeah, the entire existence of new Mexico is stupid anyways

  31. Fun fact, the name New Mexico actually predates the state of Mexico!

  32. It was exactly what I expected.

  33. AGAINST ALL ODDS: With only 69 games remaining, we’re one point out of a playoff spot. Buckle up!!!

  34. I didn't believe that until I checked.

  35. Ottawa is taking all our favourite things, they already got motte, if they get reynolds and leave us with bublé as our de facto celebrity we riot

  36. Hey, don't speak ill of kneejerk in this house!

  37. first time I've ever heard the name Spencer Martin and I'm guessing I won't be forgetting it any time soon

  38. Spencer Martin, the guy who somehow gets us a point every game he plays.

  39. Canucks are 4-1-1 in the last 6, which is weird, because listening to Canucks fans you'd assume the squad is on a 13 game losing streak.

  40. 1.7 seconds, still not convinced.

  41. Immediately I saw the bus and I knew it was from Vancouver

  42. BC Transit got style, I'll give 'em that.

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