1. Das kostet die halt auch Geld, oder denkst du die machen das "fürs Klima"?

  2. If it raises confidence, sure, tell yourself that.

  3. Seriously, fuck bringing evolutionary psychology ("we think like that and like these things bc it means good genes") as some scientific consensus... It is NOT a formally backed up theory or coming to a consensus in science... I dont know what kind of teacher showed you this as anything else than the next Freudian madness in psychiatry...

  4. Cope, seethe and dilate all you want, but all this foam at your mouth won't make scientific results happen less frequently, just because you do not like hearing them.

  5. Probably containing such heroes as Gandalf the Genderfluid.

  6. Nope, what we need is less main stream attention, not more, or the franchise will go down the drain.

  7. I believe it is the cum. I have read that too.

  8. This is the accessibility thing to enable blind players to ride with their friends.

  9. wait, blind people play world of warcraft?

  10. My guild has 2 deaf-blind players.

  11. Arthas, with his story turning into the Lich King will always and forever be the most glorious and grim part of WoW for me.

  12. I wish they did more game related stuff like this (sculpts, dioramas etc), it's such a vast untapped market. Getting the rights is always a process, but i can't imagine any publisher declining such a deal, afterall, it's free publicity for their game, be it indie or AAA.

  13. its not free publicity at all. You think they will just decide these deals over a handshake or what?

  14. well they weren't everlasting, so that tells you something.

  15. Good Work. My Imperial Knight Order would really enjoy riding into battle at their side.

  16. My Forge World's Arch-Magos would like to know your location.

  17. Oh this is a wild idea! Reminds me of this comic:

  18. I feel like this could spark inspiration for some unwilling dark mechanicus army. Slaves/renegades on a chaos conquered forge world. Forcefully augmented for work as their uniform slowly feeds them to themselves. Until they are more machine then man. Until they are merely a brain in a metal suit.

  19. That's pretty much regular Mechanicum much of the time.

  20. Woah this was grim. Clicked your link, read the comic, read a few more, ended up reading all of them.

  21. Bingo! I’m glad you could easily tell, that’s exactly what I was going for with this. Debating adding a second marine in the back that’s wounded or on some kind of comms

  22. Add some visual effects to it, like small detonations, stray bullets or at least bullet holes on the slab he is holding up.

  23. Offtopic, but why is there an LGBTQ flag on the subreddits picture? Have I missed something?

  24. Has anybody here ever painted a knight without an airbrush?

  25. Yup, painted my 3.000 points of Knights without airbrush, and then decided to also paint a reaver titan worth another 3.000 points without an airbrush, because I kinda like it, and also because I kinda hate working with an airbrush.

  26. Any particular technique? Or just took a long time?

  27. Now I regret getting the orruk, as I'm working on a chaos knight right now..... Shit.

  28. Don't worry. The head is way too big anyway for a knight.

  29. back then it was very good... sad what happened to it over the last 100 years

  30. I dislike playstation or consoles in general, but this is a good use of packaging. I will keep that in mind.

  31. He aint wrong. Its just not a fitting opinion for woke reddit.

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