Gavin Newsom after Monterey Park shooting: "Second Amendment is becoming a suicide pact"

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  1. Cavill is about 30 years to young for Druss!

  2. They would probably need to cast much younger as it would be a demanding role for a 60 year old.

  3. Won Ton is still busting Thornton's ass. There's also blood, crimson, copper smelling blood, his blood....and bits of sick.

  4. If you want games that have a low time commitment per session and don't require you to memorise a load of new systems or spend time getting re-acquainted with them after a short break then I have a few recommendations:

  5. I've parked overnight twice, used their services going there, coming back to where I needed to go. It was fine both times. Both times it was just 1 night.

  6. This happened in one of my last jobs. It was a physical handset, the guy went to hang up on a customer who was a bit of an arsehole, he missed the button when the receiver went down. He and a bunch of lads started taking the piss out of her, she heard everything.

  7. It does weird things to you. I hate ringing people outside of work and talking on the phone to them, often putting off life tasks because of it. The majority of my awake time on weekdays is on this thing.

  8. It's weirdly reassuring that I'm not the only one who is experiencing this.

  9. I don't think so. My dad rents a property to s woman who pays less than 50 a week and the rent is at market value for like 15 years ago. He does so because she's got no where else to go and she's trying to raise her kids. My dad won't raise the rent and has kept hold of this house even when it's killing him because 'wheres she meant to go'.

  10. Your dad is a good lad. I hope things get better for him soon.

  11. I had a husband and wife tag team yelling at me last week. They wanted their issue fixed, I don't think it will be because of the nature of it.

  12. You can see it in Season 4 a few times. It's a nice touch.

  13. Dude, people can 3d print guns these days. It would be better to try to devise a decent way to detect and treat murderous people before they go around murdering others instead of focusing everything on restricting availability of one weapon type.

  14. Or you could attempt to do both instead of letting this happen over and over again like they are doing now.

  15. I don't see anyone calling for both, all I see are people fighting over gun legislation.

  16. I worked in a place that did maternity grants years ago. Some woman tried to commit fraud by saying she had another kid on the way, when it was completely impossible. She disclosed that the child was conceived at a time when she was pregnant with another one. Just really fucking stupid.

  17. I just saw a TikTok of a woman who gave birth four days ago and found out she’s also four months pregnant. I guess you can actually get MORE pregnant. Lol

  18. No it's not FFS , it's the mentally unhealthy HUMAN . Stop blaming the fucking tool or it's going to open the floodgates for a whole lot of other things.

  19. The problem is a mentally unwell person who has access to guns.

  20. We basically told the rest of world we didn't want them.

  21. This is some terrible driving. She had every right to be pissed.

  22. I start to think that the 1 billion$ figure was a lie and a scam and the entire rings of power series was nothing but a money laundering scheme by Bezos

  23. The show just does not look like it har that amount of money put into it. If it was several seasons, then yeah, okay. But I don't think it was.

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