1. If anything I’d consider Elden Ring to be biblical fantasy. Almost akin to something like The Silmarillion

  2. My ideal scenario is a younger Yankees fan catches it, gives it to an even younger Jays fan, who throws in back out into the field

  3. The very concept of Alejandro Kirk is just wonderful

  4. It has become the almighty match game and barrier option. Ruins other options

  5. Nothing stopping you from using other options, they’ll work just fine, it’s just that Arbalest works best

  6. You completely missed the point that arbalest is wayyy too good at what it does

  7. My point was that nerfing Arbalest wouldn’t actually make other anti barrier options better, it would just make them feel better by comparison. Better to balance other options up that Arbalest down.

  8. Beyond just being a douche, the idea behind that tweet was ridiculous. Has anyone ever said "huh, that guy hitting cleanup is fat. I'm switching to Wheel of Fortune"?

  9. Yeah, big baseball players are one of the draws to the game. You watch hockey or basketball and they’re all just super humans in terms of height, strength and athleticism. It’s impressive, but it’s a lot more relatable seeing 5’8, 270 pound Alejandro Kirk play well, than it is watching 6’11, 230 pound Giannis Antetekoumpo play well. You can watch Kirk and be like “hey that could be me!”

  10. This is one of his best ideas for a cartoon.

  11. Sauron is the best part of this show so far he's manipulating everyone in numenor to further his goals

  12. I don’t think he’s actually involved with Numenor at ALL at this point. I think he’s manipulating Celebrimbor behind the scenes.

  13. I think he already manipulated Celebrimbor and taught him what he needed to know to make the elven rings before moving on to manipulate Galadriel and company in Numenor.

  14. I’ve been thinking about whether there’s been some type of time skip between the Lindon plot and the Numenor/Southlands plot. If Halbrand is Sauron just trying to be repent and be good, which I’ve heard people say (which in the lore happened like, way before he was Annatar), then it would mean that the Southlands plot takes place way before the Lindon plot. Idk how they can justify that personally, but I’m still curious.

  15. Xur is in the future instance of the Vault of Glass

  16. Me want use guns me want, not guns bungie want me use.

  17. I’ll be honest, nothing Star Wars related has really impressed me since Season 1 of the Mandalorian. It felt so fresh and separate from everything that came before it, but by season 2 it kinda sunk back into the pre-existing cannon.

  18. You have a nicotine addiction my friend.

  19. Idk, I feel like the low quality kinda gives it a better vibe.

  20. My theory is that by this point, Sauron already has Celebrimbors ear as Annatar, and he’s the one of told him about the whole “legend” that they talk about in this weeks episode. Celebrimbor tells Gil-Galad, and here we are.

  21. Yeah I was thinking the same thing. The whole “mithril is silmaril remnants and we need it because we’re scared of fading away” legend immediately struck me as a Sauron lie. Wouldn’t be suprised if Annatar shows up at the end of this season as Celebrimbors “councillor”.


  23. “I’m sorry, but you don’t happen to have a shovel do you?”

  24. No meme, this is a really well framed photo, even if the whole context behind it is a joke

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