My girlfriend is the jumpiest person in the world. Here’s a highlight reel proving it.

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  1. "...but the only way to become one is to exploit other human beings and ignore some morals. Shucks, foiled again."

  2. Wait....are you telling me a group of people are making something out of nothing again?

  3. Sorry I forgot Shrek was realistic and based on a true story

  4. No because other corrupt people will just become politicians to replace them.

  5. Then the cycle will repeat ad nauseum and I'd rather not be personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of people.

  6. I love how much you broke this down! Like I said though, there is absolutely zero led or infrared things in there. No alarm clock, no tv. There is a lamp on the end table though. But idk if it would cause this kind of effect for any reason. Gosh damn it I feel like I’m going in circles. Everyone has had so many helpful ideas. Almost want to upload a picture of the room as another person suggested.

  7. Maybe you think there isn't, but a photo like this can't be attributed to a random glitch or whatever. At the time your phone took this picture, there was definitely a blue light source moving in the frame during the shot, or the camera was moving and the light source was still.

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