1. I start at your feet and probably won’t leave, Just stay at your feet where i belong

  2. First massage and secretly smell them. Then start whit little kisses all over them, Eventually i will fully worship them And once i have permission i will fuck them untill i cum all over them

  3. Nice manners, but I couldn’t help tease a footboy x couldn’t wait any longer x 🙊

  4. Oh i bet you love teasing Until they can’t handle it anymore

  5. I would would stare but it is honestly distrespectful on a restaurant table tbh,

  6. You would have gone for double-or-nothing until you got that result anyway?

  7. Zou mijn tom zo graag in je kont en sappig poesje willen duwen

  8. Wrappen then turn int inside oude and fuck you again, You will be bred and i can use the cum as lube

  9. I will only help you if you ride my face, cum in my mouth and make me swallow it,

  10. Probably cuddle and watch movies, Give you snacks and i wil snack on you

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