1. Oh man you are so right! I am sorry I even commented the way I did. I honestly didn’t even read the whole post, I just made a snap judgment on the title and ignorantly left a comment.. that was a reality check I needed. And apparently my phone needs a breathalyzer lol

  2. The internet can be a trap for me sometimes, it’s so easy to just spew out comments. I need to be as mindful with my online engagements as I am in real life! Again.. sorry about that 🫢

  3. I truly appreciate your ability to grow and for introspection. I think we all fall prey to this and the best we can do is to know better, do better. It's OK to be flawed humans as long as we're striving to learn and grow.

  4. Yep, in like a day. 😒 Also, trying to squeeze them can cause sebaceous hyperplasia. Found that out the hard way. 😣

  5. This one seems much better than the bigger one! There are some great products her with a nice variety!

  6. Of course! It’s like a mineral ball on the end that can unlock and pop out and you can just wash it with your normal face cleanser! It’s the best

  7. Do they sell replacements? My worry would be adding the plastic waste to the environment vs blotting papers, but if it's replaceable that worry would be alleviated.

  8. That's great! I initially thought this seemed gimmicky but now I am super intrigued!

  9. Do you exfoliate and moisturize? I used to have the same problem and this is what helped me:

  10. Just wanted to chime in that for me, hot water makes it worse because it dries my skin out and exasperated my eczema. When my skin is dry my follicles are more likely to get congested and to get ingrown hairs.

  11. I agree with this! The hot water and the exfoliating clothes really mess with my dry skin. I’ll lightly exfoliate with a sugar scrub

  12. Same, same. I have to be super careful of the skin on my legs too because I get really itchy and I can have a difficult time not scratching and making the whole thing do much worse. I like to do a mild lactic acid body serum 1x per week, and use a skin oil (I use MCT) while my skin is damp, then I use Bioderma Atoderm Intensive Baume to seal it in. I wash with a wash cloth and Bioderma Atoderm cleansing oil or Vanicream Gentle Wash. If my skin needs a little extra exfoliation I like a sugar scrub as well.

  13. i would cut out the benzoyl peroxide wash & treatmeant, love it but with the clindamycin & tret it’s too much! i would using the am wash at night i’ve had cystic acne for years i’ve used everything & the only thing that actually helps when i’ve done a lot is slowly cutting out powerful topicals, it takes some adjusting but it helps so much! best of luck!

  14. I fully agree with this advice. OP you're almost certainly compromising your moisture barrier using so many actives. Skin health begins with a healthy moisture barrier.

  15. Hydrating toner, multiple layers. Hydrate, moisturize, nourish, soothe, treat, protect.

  16. is there an app or a website for the scale?

  17. The way 99% of these comments are centered around bites/wounds on white or pale skin… this man’s skin tone will change the way redness/irritation shows through.

  18. Gregg Colburn from UW has done some great research on this. It's easy to think about it like musical chairs, anything that would put you at a disadvantage will likely mean you would not end up with a chair. A broken ankle will likely mean you end up with no chair. Drug addiction, mental illness, loss of a job are the things that could determine who ends up homeless, but fundamentally it's a housing shortage/ cost issue. Look elsewhere for examples. West Virginia has a much worse opioid problem than we do, but less homelessness.

  19. In Seattle, it’s safe to assume a homeless guy is here for the drugs and drug laws.

  20. Quick check for undertones - forearm veins = green = warm. Forearm veins = purple = cool. Forearm veins = blue = neutral.

  21. But I have blue, green, and purple! 🤔 I finally figured out I'm a fair/neutral olive and life finally makes sense! 😉

  22. Thank you! I am happy with mine. My only regret is picking the Truly scrub instead of the perfume.

  23. It looks a bit like mild periorbital eczema. If it is it could be triggered by similar triggers to other types of dermatitis.

  24. This is a bitch to treat so I recommend getting it addressed sooner than later

  25. Either closed comedones or fungal acne, salycilic acid works for the first and antifungal products for the second

  26. I second this. It looks like closed comedones but on closer inspection could be FA. If it's fungal acne, washing your face with ketoconazole will improve it very quickly. If it turns out to be fungal, you will want to use FA safe products.

  27. It’s probably not fungal acne because OP didn’t say that it was itchy, so most likely closed comedones

  28. I'd try diaper rash cream with zinc. I learned about it as a treatment from Dr. Dray on YouTube and it did more for my daughter's eczema than the pediatric derm we waited 4m to see. We use Boudreaux's mixed with Eucerin Baby Eczema cream and top with Aquaphor.

  29. I finally healed my granddaughter's body-wide eczema that was infected with staph by using maximum strength Desitin. I saw a rec in this sub and she's been dealing with the same big sores all over for over a year and nothing the doctor prescribed was working. I wash her lesions/rashy areas with Vanicream baby wash, moisturize with Eucerin Eczema baby formula, then apply Desitin on all areas with active inflammation. I kid you not she's almost entirely healed after less than a week. I've spent soooooo much money trying to help her and I could absolutely cry tears of joy that she's about 80% healed.

  30. I actually went into the interview knowing that hospital didn’t necessarily take to that kind of looks. When I get hired somewhere I prefer to be hired for my skill and not my looks fitting in with everyone else. I was the only person in my job training that didn’t have Botox and bleached blonde hair. Not that I have anything against that. I’m just glad they weren’t against my individuality.

  31. It's because the comment has an air of superiority over women who DO get botox and bleach their hair, and also implies that those women have no individuality. Very

  32. OK, I guess I can see that, it's like saying, "not to be rude", before being rude.

  33. This commenter frequently tells people that they have demodex mites. There's no way to see collarettes in this photo.

  34. I noticed the very same thing after looking her up because she said similar things on another post. You need a microscope to identify what she's talking about. The fact she's "seeing" it on a grainy photo on reddit makes me wonder about her preoccupation with demodex and where that stems from. I've read all kinds of pseudoscience on predatory blogs that link to "miracle cures" and I could easily see how people get convinced that parasites are a common cause of all types of conditions. It pisses me off because my sister has delusional parasitosis and the impact this comment could make on her mental health is no small thing. This person is playing 'reddit doctor' and it's a dangerous game.

  35. The oil given as GWP broke me out so bad my skin was peeling. Just letting yall know

  36. The gwp of $50 is now the Complex Culture makeup bag, and it looks really nice! 😊

  37. Yes. Helps with not only the skin appearance but many other things as well (lowers anxiety, and makes you not stinky! :). Here’s a tip that has nothing to do with skin. Whenever you feel a craving for a cigarette, yell (in your head if people are around) “NO!!!!!” at it forcefully as though someone was trying to force something on you. Keep telling it NO! Then imagine that a set of red boxing gloves pop out of your chest and start boxing the craving away. I use this for both cigarettes and Alchohol and I find that it really really helps!! (No cigarettes for 8 or 9 years and no alchohol for 6!)

  38. I've used a similar tactic for negative and intrusive thoughts of all kinds. I talk to the negative thoughts/urges and say things like, "Fuck you you liar! I know you are trying to trick me so you can hurt/kill me! These thoughts don't belong to me so gtfo!".

  39. In nursing we learnt the ABCDE rule for moles to determine whether they are concerning: Asymmetrical, Border is not consistent, Colour is inconsistent, Diameter larger than 4mm (which looks like yours is), Elevation (looks like yours is quite elevated), and evolution (growing fast)

  40. The ABCDE rule is a good guideline, but melanoma does not always follow this rule.

  41. Should I still use the exfoliater?

  42. Not OC, but I would advise against exfoliation right now. Focus on gentle cleansing and a very gentle moisturizer until your skin is calm and you know how you're responding to the cleanser and moisturizer. Then at that point you could introduce an exfoliant with AHA or BHA starting out with 1x weekly. If your skin tolerates that well and you like the results, you can increase to 2x per week. I would also add that once your basic routine is established, you may benefit from a hydrating toner. There are some great product recs on

  43. I think that Cerave moisturizer is made more for treating KP on the body it seems like. If OP doesn't want to waste product, it would probably be good for feet, elbows, and knees.

  44. I absolutely loved that hair did my hair. Apparently they keep offering this bundle even though they dont actually have it so I havent even bothered. Hopefully the detangle spray is good. Ive used a bunch of their products and have loved them all except the dry shampoo foam.

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