1. Woah really? I had no idea. Thanks for telling me. Am I also not allowed to criticise the game in any way shape or form? Wtf?

  2. Despite the monologue you wrote, your criticism is lackluster in critical thinking lol. How are you trying to sound justified criticizing the hardest difficulty of a fighting game for being difficult?

  3. Nice! I would like to try a Fiskars maybe the X21! Looking for a used one, but not that often for sale.

  4. No point in the used one tbh. I had one of the norden editions and I’m hoping it holds up for life.

  5. Thank you for your informed answer. Only takes about 5 troll comments till someone actually answers the question lmao.

  6. Okay!!! What were you doing when this happened? A Pulaski wasn’t really designed to handle chopping into a knarly stump and then having to pry it out.

  7. Was splitting some average sized logs for like 4 days with no problems. Let my sisters bf take 2 swings into the chopping block and I hear him say “Oh shit!” I thought he split his shin, turns out he just destroyed my axe instead lol.

  8. OKC and kabar make a very nice kukri. More tactical looking but very nice.

  9. Very nice! This was my first hatchet I bought. 2 years down the line it holds up great. Did you take off the black coating on the head? Also are you still using your original wooden handle or have you reheaded it?

  10. The one right outside of Castle Sol with the walking mausoleum right next to it.

  11. If you bought it from a genuine retailer you should have a lifetime warranty. Easy replacement form the company

  12. Got 4 kiddos, ages 6 to 10. They all got their own restored hatchet when they turned 6. The youngest just turned 6, but I couldn't get it done in time, so she's getting it for Christmas.

  13. I aspire to have these fatherly traits when I have kids of my own


  15. Big thanks! I have a buddy who’s obsessed with these but can’t find a legit dealer that isn’t from Nepal lol

  16. Heresy is not native to the world, it is but a contrivance

  17. I just imagine michael jackson standing over malenias corpse sayung "annie are you ok, are you ok annie?"

  18. Fiskars x27 splitting axe or splitting maul. This is the way. Both have 36” handle and I will never go back.

  19. My favorite is using the AoW on the Black Knife (Blade of Death) dodges all of Chadfrey’s ground stomps with ease.

  20. Odd that my other pictures didn't upload. Not too sure of all the trail names but we started at elk pen, took the AT to the squeeze then up surbrudge to bald rocks. Past the shelter over 106 then up Tom Jones and parker cabin and camped at skemonto. Next day up black ash and carpond. Island pond road trail to nurian back to elk pen

  21. What’s the name of that AoW you’re using. I know it’s one of the erdtree avatar attacks.

  22. Banged up my hatchet as well and I honestly went to a local blacksmith and got it resharpened for 12 bucks

  23. The top one is a beast. It’s literally a one hit splitter. You can split apart whole logs if they’re sawed correctly on both sides.

  24. Lmaooo, great answer. I’m asking because a friend of mine has the one hit splitter from fiskar and it’s a fucking beast. Just wondering how much wear and tear it’ll take before it breaks.

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