1. I'd give you a chance to earn a place to stay

  2. Now this is the kind of whore we need around here, time to put you on a leash and beat you good.

  3. It's time to tie you down torture you then fill you with cum and leave you for the next thing

  4. Happened to me like 4 times with a 200 box of Winchester fmjs

  5. Ahh white box is poor ammo try with something a bit better like blazer or PMC.

  6. So it’s probably not anything mechanical wise?

  7. Probably not the quality control is pretty good but if it happens with different ammo contact canik.

  8. Yeah? What's the nastiest thing you've been caught doing in public?

  9. I'll nut on your face then make you walk home naked with your hands tied behind your back

  10. Seems you'd enjoy that too much, perhaps add a bunch of body writing

  11. It should be ripped to shreds and used to tie and gag you

  12. Bullshit you'll love every second of it and beg for more until your brain breaks

  13. Is tie you down and rape you then when your partner comes in I'd tie them down on top of you and rape them too

  14. Really it depends on if you plan to carry the gun at all, the 4inch is better for carry but the 5 will give you a slightly edge in both ballistics and accuracy due to the longer barrel and sight radius.

  15. 500 whips with the charger cord. 200 each thigh 25 each tit and 50 on that greedy cunt.

  16. It's something I think I'm gonna play around with. It looks like it'd be fun, and if I can find a way to make it work then it adds a new scope. Hopefully it doesn't take too many points out of the mid board, but it'll be interesting to see if it can work

  17. Yeah its an interesting idea, I might mod my list and bring a second defiler for the extra melee power. Big thing to remember is your gonna have to play cagey and concentrate on your secondary objectives real heavy.

  18. As much as the defiler gets a lot of hate, I do like it, kind of. I haven't tried running one since I used to play, and that was back in 3rd and 4th edition. Honestly didn't realise it had been so far back, I had to find the cover art for the box to find out which edition we played.

  19. The defiler is one of my favorite models just on it's looks. The big changes in chaos is really the war gear and a few new models like the disco lord and master of possession are both really strong. But for the most part the faction hasn't changed it's play style much.

  20. Show off them holes then, also next time you make a video for us you better be naked.

  21. Chubby sluts are best for beating, I can beat you harder and not break your bones.

  22. I do wonder what other nasty things you'll do

  23. for some its a kink and for some its a way of life just gotta sort out who is who

  24. zero sluts dont cum unless a cock is in them

  25. id leash you torture you until you scream and begged to be bred, then id breed you and leave you tied to a tree for others to breed

  26. Ohh I can it'll take some time to break you down mentally and physically

  27. Ready to be fucked into submission

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