1. Is that condensation? If you are not at or below 62 I’d burp those bags regardless.

  2. Source for that? Regardless of the light schedule your plant can only take in so much light in a day

  3. My experience has been that by never resting the plants finish a week earlier. So, I’m my own source.

  4. Here is a tip: when talking out of your ass, preface your statement with “I am just talking out of my ass; but…”

  5. “In my experience”. Jeez. My first down votes 😝

  6. I find the magnifier app on iPhone does what I need and takes pictures so I can study em sitting down

  7. I actually did take some of the other hangars and cut them down to make lst hooks

  8. Plant looks ready and then some based on amber everywhere

  9. Most all trichs are clear so imo 3 weeks. 🤞 certainly not ready now though the last pic looks ready as a plant from a distance

  10. Everything is basically clear. Also, looking at leaves and not the center or top side of the actual bud is a mistake. 2 plus week left

  11. That is nothing. A genetic itch. Ignore the crooked leaf unless other issues

  12. I’ve been adding more cal mag in hopes that what it was, will just keep trying to fight it back

  13. Get it all out of the jars. It’s still drying. Hope it wasn’t in jars too long. Also, trichomes were clear. Chop too early

  14. Picture is a little misleading, tri were milky with some amber ones. I’m trying to get a friend some meds that don’t put them to sleep

  15. Don’t put back in jars for a few days. Spread it out. Never jar above 65. Imo 60. Ammonia smell teaches. 🤞

  16. aaahhhh ok so i prolly could’ve waited a couple days to take the domes off i’ll definitely keep that in mind next time around!! might also get a small humidifier for this stage to help with moisture retention and support veg growth

  17. Trust me small one don’t help. Spend about $150. I need a good humidifier and dehumidifier. Id get nothing finished without them.

  18. sheeeeeesh i spent like 200 on the dehumidifier idk though i feel like you don’t need much to put moisture into the air like it just blows vapor out it doesn’t have to pull the moisture out i would think you wouldn’t have to go all out on that idk tho i’ll do some more research on it

  19. Depends on your climate in your house. Evenings create massive spikes of humidity in flower that’s not good. Bud Rot is your enemy. You’ll need enforcements.

  20. Yes absolutely. Learning experience. Read up on coco for cannabis dot com. My source. Love coco and synthetics. Total control.

  21. Ok great at least i dont have to waste more time what do u suggest i use instead of coco for seedlings

  22. Well I plant all my seeds in coco. Look at fertigation feed schedule on that site. Seedlings get food. I only use the 3 gH line, plus silica and recharge. So I take that site as a guide not a rule. Make our own rules. They’d have u buy 30 things to feed 😂. Oh snd I use flower fuel religiously

  23. That's what I thought wasn't 100 percent tho

  24. Coco for cannabis dot com. My source snd methods minus all the extras.

  25. FYI. I understand there is zero thc in the stigma shoots. True idk

  26. In final container from start. Directly in soil/media. Success 80%

  27. Honest question. Never used a net but I thought you’re supposed to be pulling the tops down and into the squares. Is that done later?

  28. I use it on all my flowers. Look. Full strength all water

  29. Id be worried about bud rot on the plant if it’s outside in that at night right? Indoor only reference for me though.

  30. It’s been humid like this for several weeks now with no signs of rot. I had the same worries but I guess if there’s no problem there’s no problem.

  31. Probably lots of great strong wonderful evening breezes kept u safe

  32. Since I never give plain water I use 2-2.5 ml per gallon. Yes indeed u can cause deficiency appearing symptoms from excessive cal mag. At least my experience when I’ve upted the dose.

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