1. Just like somebody said above ride in Mode 4. I also switched from smaller bike recently (rebel 500). I have made custom M setting for max traction, max stability and Lift all at 3. Don't be scared of the bike, ride with all the assists and you will get used to it. I'm 800 miles in and currently working my way from ride Mode 3 to 2 but honestly 3 is where I find my sweet spot for now, can throttle even more without worrying it will lift. Stay safe and enjoy your bike!

  2. I assume if you're looking for a 300 you're new, get the 500. The 300 is not worth it. If you're concerned about learning manual because you've not learned in a car, or you think you're bad at it, it's completely different on a bike, and incredibly easy to learn. Firm believer that if you are going to ride, you should have to awareness of knowing how to drive a manual. You should take the MSF safety course, they'll tech you and get your license at the same time.

  3. Last 6 letters must be "artist". There is no word in English with used letters that is longer than 6 letters btw.

  4. Wait till Cicada hits you in the forehead at 70mph lol

  5. Stay on Ride Mode 4 for first 600 miles, LIF and all traction modes maxed out at 3 (max assist). Ride mode 4 aka Rain Mode is great for taming this beast it feels like 70hp on my 2022. After 600 miles and first oil change mode 3 feels just right.

  6. OP if dogs wore underwear you wouldn't know what pussy looks like.

  7. Red oak was just refinished with Bona Traffic HD. This is a spot where you can see in the reflection a noticeable void. Is that a missed spot of the last coat of poly? I don’t know what I’m looking at and want to be more informed when going over the final punch list.

  8. Ask him to recoat that room with missed spot. Not just a touch up, it will show. Bona Traffic HD dries very fast being 2 part water based finish. If it was my job you would get an extra coat.

  9. He used DuraSeal Country White as the stain but isn’t telling us what he finished with :(

  10. Doesn't look like Country white, more like Nordic Seal.

  11. I just traded my 2021 Rebel 500 with 2k miles. Lost a lot on a trade in though. But I fell in love with motorcycles, loved the Rebel but needed something bigger. Also I'm very glad I didn't listen to Street Rossi's and started on 500cc. Picked up new MT-09 and this bike hit 🎯 but it would have been really scary 1st bike, still riding in "4" ride mode as it is very gentle to get used to. MT-07 would be enough too and most naked 600cc.

  12. There is also stain called True Black if you don't mind going that dark. It will do best at hiding those very dark stains.

  13. I love my ek block for my fe 3070ti however I placed a pre order the first day they were available for pre order. It was delivered I believe in may after 2 or maybe 3 push backs. Pre orders opened up I want to say December first for them.

  14. Bummer, I was lucky enough to buy ASUS TUF 4090... Looks like air for some time.

  15. Yes, stock cooling on new cards seems very promising!

  16. OP price seems very fair, it looks like amount of damage from pets is so severe that it is actually cheaper to replace whole room rather than replace each spot. Seems like they are charging fair rate for new wood (given the bedroom is 140 - 160 SQ ft). If they will finish your floors with ANY kind of water based finish then the price for sanding is also very reasonable. (Water based way more expensive than oil polyurethane). $480 for removing and installing new shoe is also great and only $160 for garbage haul is pretty ok. If they are professional and you are happy with the result I would definitely keep their number and recommend to friends.

  17. Bona is the brand of finish they are going g to use. Their commercial grade finish is called Traffic. No telling what type of finish is in the floors currently

  18. I don't think they can afford to use bona traffic, price seems to be pretty fair even if they use bona mega.

  19. Recently after owning Rebel 500 for a year and putting 2k miles in I decided to get something bigger (I'm 5' 11") Choice was hard I wanted naked sport, CB650, Z650 and Mt 07 felt like too small of an upgrade. I went with MT 09 because of it's tech over Z900.

  20. Been riding on the snow around my house and dropped it right after I entered the garage. Didn't expect garage floor to be that slippery lol. Nothing happened though.

  21. Common #2 White Oak with water based finish.

  22. Get yourself Corbin or Mustang seat. It's a bit expensive but worth it. If you love your bike and enjoy long rides definitely a must.

  23. How important shift down is and use of front brake (70% of stopping power) in emergency braking.

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