1. Welp you get 70s but u passing your classes lmao thats better than us lol

  2. Why what why we all had the same childhood?? Im Asian and Ive been lurking on this sub for awhile, my grandma does the same thing is this some global grandma traits

  3. Whole thing less than 200 cal, not bad, not bad at all

  4. Take some Bubly (0 cal soda) or hot tea, black coffee with meal I found that helpful sometimes, or just chug a whole glass of water before meal

  5. yup this is why i go on the second floor to workout

  6. My stomach rumbled like thunder looking at this

  7. Whered u get this ive never seen anything like this in my life i doubt theres this stuff in canada😭

  8. Ill try! Also Scented candles are a damn good choice u just reminded me Thanks alot!!

  9. NOO DON'T!! I did something similar back then, and man, my weight BOUNCED back after I eat like a normal human being again, my body be ballin and angry af cus I was eating too little. Ofc if you can actually eat as this forever you will lose a ton, but you'll also get pretty tired throughout the day so yeah its a risky move

  10. Giving your stats (age range, gender, height, starting/current/goal weight) would help us turn your rant into a plan.

  11. Oops! It's now updated, thanks for the reminder !

  12. A pretty dumb approach but an effective method lol, what my friend did with her younger sibling was to place a bet: if he can lose (whatever) pounds in a month, then she will give him 50 bucks or buy him a video game he likes. I'm not sure if this works under your situation but I guess in most cases, letting him be aware of the reward at the end can encourage him a bit! Btw you sound like a very cool sibling, best of luck for yall

  13. Bussin! Also is it me or that bowl looks edible for some reason lol

  14. Stuff like this hits different after i watched Parasite ong

  15. yall get chicken leg in 10dollar meals wtf, im from mcmaster all we van get for 10bucks is cold pasta. Sry im being so sour

  16. Cant believe its only 2 years keep up the good work king

  17. Armor makes for really awkward sex. My god, how long did it take to get out of all of that crap. I’m surprised she didn’t change her mind while waiting.

  18. That was actually a cute scene being them removing the metal together. These actors are just amazing, i dont see it being awkward at all.

  19. The costumes continue to be amazing. The black outfit with the red Targaryen crest that Viserys wore when confronting Daemon was fierce. Alicent in the gorgeous, queenly dress confronting Rhaenyra. They’re so thoughtful about every detail. Rhaenyra wearing a different necklace after sleeping with Criston was “chef’s kiss”

  20. I didnt even notice the necklace part! Well done

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