1. You can report this and the Police will be able to ID the device by its MAC address. It’ll be easy to track if they can be bothered.

  2. Does the iPhone keep records of historically connected MAC addresses? I also thought it randomised the phone's broadcasted MAC address over time to stop the tracking you're talking about (albeit not with avoiding the police in mind!).

  3. Yes, given that only one trans woman has done so since 2004, which was when we were admitted. There should have been many, many more trans women since then. It's a massive equalities concern that there aren't more trans women in the Olympics.

  4. It would presumably go up if acceptance in society went up. I suspect part of the reason for the lack of transwomen in the Olympics is both the relatively small number of the population as well as the fact that the process - both mentally and physically - will often coincide with the prime years of development for an athlete?

  5. It really does, it’s been great watching them both develop for us, then to find out they are together is just wow, and now they’ve both done their ACL at the same time, is just soooo sad!

  6. Women seem to get more ACL injuries generally which is weird. Not the most important issue in this thread but it has screwed up Arsenal's season.

  7. Tbh Id be all for banning most second jobs for sitting MPs and putting severe limitations on what kind of jobs cabinet ministers and above can take afterwards.

  8. Yeah, I really don't like the 2nd jobs thing, I am always surprised there isn't more noise about it.

  9. Im sure an investment allowance or risk profile system like you said could protect more normal levels of savings so were not punishing normal people for getting into politics.

  10. I am not that bothered if it were limited to senior levels, just wonder how workable it would be.

  11. One of the mods came out and said they've talked about this with Reddit Admins, Reddit isn't based in the UK so nothing wrong with us naming Partey.

  12. Reddit is ok, U.K Users are still covered by UK Law. Not that it's likely people will go after anonymous Reddit accounts but if you were someone on Twitter with a real name you might have an issue.

  13. More evidence that Redfield poll the other day was an aberration.

  14. Delta, Redfield is showing small changes (that are more likely, Sunak is doing better)

  15. I am sceptical he was told his. It seems odd it wasn't published until after the war when, having had the meeting arranged by Blair and Campbell, that he was well within his rights to do so. It's a pretty extraordinary scoop to be told by a MOD official that the most senior members of the Government put you in touch with those senior members are lying.

  16. David Kelly basically said pretty much this .

  17. What David Kelly said is much more in line with what came out in inquiries. That intelligence was unreliable, dubious sources were given the prominence they didn't deserve and even from that dodgy evidence, they overdid the threat to make it seem worse.

  18. I am/was growing pretty tired of the podcast because for all the 'disagree agreeably' stuff they pretty much always agree on substantive things and it's all a bit smug.

  19. Was Stewart’s position that he now believes we shouldn’t have supported the war?

  20. Yes, he was more aggressive than I thought he would be on that point as well. He also talked about the utter failure on the ground and the disinterest of the American administration in the realities of what was happening compared to their ideological zeal.

  21. The focus on Mudryk at all so far is very unfair, he has only really had a few weeks in a dysfunctional and overpopulated team. It is far too early to judge him yet.

  22. If liberals could learn then they wouldn't be.

  23. Feel I am probably onto a loser here but the Lib Dems did oppose the war in Iraq.

  24. Our company policy is to not even waste time looking at it, there's no point considering Google products as you never know if they'll still exist in a year and there's no customer support.

  25. I wouldn’t trust building anything on top of it yet but Google will have to remain invested in AI long term. The responses I get from ChatGPT and Bing are already very impressive and I can’t see Google not being able to provide that

  26. I think one problem is the inconsistency with VAR. A subjective decision is now compounded by the VAR not only reviewing the subjective decision but making another subjective decision on if the error was 'clear and obvious'. Now that VAR can intervene in an incorrect decision it makes it annoying when it decides to overrule it or not. You could accept it a bit more when it came down to simply if the ref saw it not but now they can review each incident then you high a lower tolerance for such inconsistency.

  27. I think this is recency bias, it's been in the headlines so people cite it as it's top of their mind. This is why the Tories want to keep it fresh in mind and we want the NHS and Cost of Living up there instead.

  28. Of course, but saying that your employer is "an irredeemable failure" doesn't exactly point to enjoying your job. You might like the work but want to do it somewhere else with less shit management, for example

  29. They may feel they still can do good work in a bad organisation, which is true as irrespective of how awful the Met may be as an institution we still need day-to-day policing to happen. They also need a job.

  30. Seems like this has to be an outlier, no other poll shown this movement

  31. A big problem with conspiracy theorists isn't that people don't trust the press but rather they instead trust even less qualified or impartial people instead. They'll ignore the NHS, senior figures in science and medicine and the government on vaccines but instead believe some dipshit YouTuber.

  32. Thankfully there isn't much of them anymore, a lot went quiet after spending the early part of last year mocking people for believing Russia would invade Ukraine. Then trying to tell people that Ukraine didn't stand a chance.

  33. I'm not worried about leaving them because I'm not worried about joining them. Gimme the downvotes but Android is better. Try to convince me it's necessary to release a "new" phone every year, or that they weren't behind on Android's innovations, or that they're not gouging.

  34. I don't get the yearly release criticism. Most phone makers do a yearly release of their flagship phones so they can sell them to people coming up on their 2/3/4 year phone cycle, few people buy them every single year.

  35. Same going on 7 years with my Samsung, I can still leave for an 8hr work shift with 50% battery and still be good when I get home. I use my phone all shift long for internet and calls

  36. TBF That's quite lucky and rare irrespective of the maker of the phone just because batteries degrade over time, it's the nature of the technology.

  37. Poll seems kinda suspect to me. 84% is extraordinarily high for almost any issue let alone one which has been contentious for a while.

  38. I believe those numbers exclude don't knows.

  39. Not got any strong feelings about the methodology of the poll but just saying even a perfectly executed poll should raise eyebrows if it reports 84% support for almost anything but the most uncontroversial opinions ever held.

  40. They'll come crawling back to EA with their tails between their legs when they realise what a stupid decision it was to take the rights away and that you can't just create a game out of thin air.

  41. Really isn't much reason for EA to take the rights once they've invested in developing their own brand.

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