1. 120 was difficult before the new stages came out, after the new stages the difficulty was massively reduced

  2. Stellar is pure whales, honestly. All the pictures I've seen of people showing off their stellar ranks had like 50+ tickets and all maxed gear bragging about spending 30k+ gems.

  3. Might aswell fuse to +1 duplicate boots aswell with your extra set, by the time you're ready for eternal you'll surely have another pair handy

  4. I would not do that, Eternal +1 and above requires a copy so you would want to keep all the copies you have.

  5. By the time he even gets close to having eternal he will have another honour pir ready, its not that big of a deal. Waiting out does nothing

  6. Damn got my hopes up that burnout banners were tradable with cert and paint lol

  7. Ha! Sorry dude. I have seen there have been some Banners in the shop that were cert.

  8. There is an equation behind it, its not as simple as just downgrading everything to lvl 1

  9. Ah, yeah it was like 50k for an octane so I didn't even bother messaging. . . I hope you are right, I don't have enough creds to be re-completeing a bunch of sets lol

  10. If it was real then everyone would know by now. The trolls put out the bait and you ate it

  11. You have to move to a 'new' planet. Stop playing the game now it doesnt get any different

  12. Pretty much! I gave it a chance, i went to level 60 and saw the exact same shit again when i went the fourth 'new' planet, done with it.

  13. Can they be painted at all? I'll have to play to get these lol

  14. The game is boring, its the same missions every time with just a little more required

  15. 4 full glasses in your hands? I think my average for empty is 13, but it depends on what kind of wine glass. Champagne flutes I can manage way more.

  16. One time i lost the balance on a tray of about 60 empty flutes, they started falling like dominos and theres nothing i could do but watch them crumble 😂

  17. U just want to let everybody know that u are an asshole dont you?

  18. Do you eat the cow when its still alive? That aint no medium

  19. If you want to get really technical, the bottom for each cycle was actually at the 300 week. The 300W is currently at $17k.

  20. I will never put a single cent into a mobile game, its never worth it

  21. All of this decal will be the exact same, it's not worth any more than the next person's decal

  22. Debt free is bullshit that rich people force on the poor. There is good debt and bad debt. If you have good debt no need to sell your btc to pay it off

  23. Well theres a bomb above the 3 on the left because of the 1,2 pattern

  24. You really gotta stop posting that here man... teaching people how to cheat..?

  25. Im with you, i just beat it a few days ago! Only took me 8 months lmao

  26. Its a random selection based on how far you've progressed the boards level, click the "i" in the top right

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