If it still isn't clear to anyone, the fact that two COMPLETELY unrelated companies have the exact same charts is CONFIRMATION that they are MANIPULATED THE SAME WAY, this is WALL STREET, this is the AMERICAN MARKET, THE WORLD IS WATCHING YOU. BUY, HOLD, DRS.

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  1. Why are you assuming that all OI consists of bought calls and puts, and not sold?

  2. OI (open interest) refers to contracts that are still active/open at the end of the day. Volume tracks the number of sold, bought, or traded options in a day.

  3. Yes, but short options (eg, covered call, cash secured put) are counted as well, not just long options. There is no way to tell if OI is bearish or bullish, as you don’t know whether those open contracts are bought or sold.

  4. I guess I’m confused by what you’re trying to say, every contract counted in OI was both sold and bought, otherwise it wouldn’t be counted in OI.

  5. Buying puts after a company drops 93%… smart!

  6. Interesting insight, thanks for the write up.

  7. What did you find the most interesting part that will help you make more money?

  8. Greater critical thinking. There is not one specific thing that I will necessarily take to improve my trading strategy, but the overall thought process when assessing what is going on is helpful in avoiding my own biases in thinking. It’s often easy to get stuck in one way of thinking so seeing something new/different should always be beneficial.

  9. Yeah, really selfish of me to want to make sure money is being properly and effective allocated.

  10. I can understand that. What do you expect a full-blown massive kennel to hose all these dogs?

  11. The government is not the only other option. I think if the market place is going to allow NFTs to be used to fund nonprofits, they should at least require some transparency required by the content creators on how funds will be allocated. Not only as a portion of the sale but how much of the donated money goes to administers vs actual actions to improve/develop the cause. At the end of the day, the content creator is making money off of the sale, getting a tax write off, and funding some really unknown organizations - and only a small portion of peoples money is making it directly to the issue at hand.

  12. Just the other day someone posted a chart showing their divergence…

  13. Makes sense, everyone transferred out of fudelity to ComputerShare.

  14. The basic one is you buy call and it just expires .. the difference here is when I sell call and don’t have underlying shares that can be taken away

  15. If you’re happy with 115, just sell a cc for 115.

  16. Yeah, not touching Chinese stocks right now, especially now that the Chinese government is getting “special” shares in these companies.

  17. What’s twitch? I’d rather follow them in the GameStop marketplace…

  18. They’re not taking peoples retirement, they’re withholding the employer’s contribution portion of the investment for federal employees. Also, the military counts as federal employees and also has a employer match 401k style retirement that would be impacted by this.

  19. One theory is Icahn buying towels and selling buy buy baby to gme. Or RC buying towels altogether.

  20. Too much debt on the books, better to let it got to bk and let it get chopped to pieces and pick up the parts you want.

  21. Probably cause it’s the only asset this dude ever really bought… although, with other peoples money.

  22. That’s a lot of debt to take on.

  23. Can someone do an overlay of this with the stock price?

  24. Yes, you’ve had the first dip but what about second dip?

  25. I also am in the process of talking to the authorities? I have an attorney and am making sure I don't get sued into oblivion lmao

  26. So why are you on Reddit running your mouth before you actually have something locked in. You obviously don’t have a smart attorney and probably haven’t gone to the authorities if they haven’t advised you to keep quiet until an investigation is complete.

  27. My god father, who clerked for a US Federal Judge and has testified before Congress 30+ times thank you very much, told me he didn't think I had sufficient evidence for a wrongful termination suit

  28. Cool story. So you have nothing other than posting peoples LinkedIn bios. 👏👏

  29. 0xc822D6f1A4790d70D75D32b511c75cd40f7C0359

  30. Can you explain further or is that is? A bank has money/securities and does stuff with it… go on…

  31. The argument that if GME wasn’t a thing then msm would drop it is ignoring the fact that msm only cares about clicks/views to drive ad revenue. Apes see any thing related to GameStop and start blasting it all over Reddit giving msm free clicks. And, judging by the content of most of these articles, it’s mostly ill informed and inexperienced “writers” pumping out these articles to earn some easy cash. There should be a ban on posting these shit msm articles and I bet we would see a drop in how often GME gets talked about.

  32. Zero reliable or quantifiable information here. This should be pulled until OP or someone can provide something useful.

  33. Almost 200 days of thinking this actually means something…

  34. Scarcity will drive the price higher… you should publicly burn all but one card to send a message to the world that they better get their hands on one before it’s too late… then you’ll be rolling in the money. Then buy the rest and burn them all!

  35. The last remaining card in the deck is filing for bankruptcy. Anything we see before that is just another card in their deck. Nothing will be an indicator the shf are about to collapse.

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