People who are pro-gun, why?

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Did somebody say 'Murica?

  1. You are putting a lot of stipulations in the comments to try and make it so they have to land and fight a ground war.

  2. Two opposing factions are both human and are equally matched with weapons tech and space faring logistics.

  3. Any reason those defenses can't obliterate the fleet or a majority of the landing craft?

  4. The ships can remain outside weapons range and move in and out of the planets orbit. Continental weapon platforms also move in and out of range depending on its spinning axis.

  5. GERMANY: We are going to have to act if we want live in a different world...

  6. Leo Mcgarry. The end of West Wing was remarkably sad with the passing of his character.

  7. Turn female and make myself squirt followed by a screaming orgasm.

  8. I was shocked to learn hitachi wands were actually created and marketed for actual massaging. And not the whole "muscle relaxer" wink wink nudge nudge kinda marketing.

  9. And that they dramatically altered the sex toy markets. Moved up to God teir level of toy within 3-4 years of the world discovering them.

  10. One unnecessary character death was one too many, don’t need two.

  11. In thus scenario, Trip survives and instead T'pol dies.

  12. I feel vinick would be pushed around by the Christian right and the "silent majority" of the extreme right.

  13. Massage gun like that thing that punches your muscles? I dunno. Massage gun like a Hitachi? Wife loves that thing.

  14. That Americans are vulgar. Their national ego mania makes them rude, obnoxious and with a distinct lack of self awareness.

  15. Maybe 11-12. Got into BDSM via a scene from "Batman and Robin" where bane is experimented on with venom.

  16. You feel a slight sensation of needing to pee and it builds a bit like an orgasm might but the result is completely involuntary - it just happens suddenly. Squirting is separate to climaxing.

  17. I think, biologically they all have the ability to squirt. It's just about the desire to learn or not.

  18. So is it generally more intense? I've seen forced orgasms in BDSM where squirting just comes outta nowhere followed by lots of screaming.

  19. Retirement age? You looking for sugarmommy that croaks and leaves u a fortune?

  20. Rita told Phil she'd shoot him on sight if he even came near Darrell's funeral and even still they were able to eventually make amends. Granted, it all happened right in front of his eyes, but Vince holding that grudge always bothered me.

  21. I think Rita in reality blamed phillip quite inappropriately and she eventually realised this. The fact that Down were on the road in 2006 and times were moving on.

  22. We don’t know the full story so it’s hard to say what was going on between them. I tend to believe they threw shit at each other at equal rate but who knows. Judging by what Terry Date said in recent interviews, Abbots weren’t always the good guys as people want to believe. I love Dimebag and always will but Vinnie never sat good with me for some reason.

  23. The fact that dimebags partner Rita and family estate are willing to deal with Anselmo and Rex's lawyers and agents indicates that they don't want Pantera's legacy tarred with controversy and rancor.

  24. How to biologically fuse betazed mother and daughter on the holodeck. Human centipede mid 21st century

  25. Women, are full blown screaming orgasms something you can control or does your body just take over?

  26. But from a male perspective, it's very percussive as in it moves deep from the prostate and then to that 5 sec orgasmic burst as it fires up into the penis.

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