1. Arabic words in Spanish are fascinating to me. Someone once pointed out to me that "Ojalá" is just "Inshallah" and it blew my mind

  2. What blew my mind is when I learned the number of towns with Arabic names in origin as far north as Catalonia. Calaf and Calafell, Margalef is believed to come from Marg Khalaf, La Pobla de Mafumet would some bastardisation of the town of Mohamed.

  3. Noob move, you only write on three of the six sides, so you can roll it discretely hiding the text beneath if anyone gets close enough.

  4. El conde Estruch técnicamente no es mitológico, es ficción moderna.

  5. He visto que en la wikipedia pone que es un personaje de una novela de 1991, al mismo tiempo pone como referencia un programa de televisión de 1989.

  6. I used to get so irritated by customers who'd come in right after we opened and pay for a $9 item with a $100 bill. Our tills opened with only $100 in them, so changing it would wipe it out. I was a manager so I'd tell associates ringing to first ask if the customer had another form of payment and gently explain why. If the customer got bitchy, to call a manager and we'd break their bill from the safe float so we didn't wipe out the register. We were a middle-to-high end home furnishing retailer, so less likely to be robbed, but I always hated opening the safe in front of customers to do that.

  7. A coworker once told me about this guy that many time a week early in the morning came to buy his train ticket with a 50 euro bill, he always refused to pay with anything smaller because it was perfectly legal. Well, one day they were waiting for him with the exact change in one euro coins, he tried to complain and received the exact same excuse he'd give for months. He stoped doing that.

  8. Her facial impression = I have dog shit in my mouth I can’t swallow and I can’t spit either

  9. In my languaje there's a word to describe people with that facial expression, "ensumacagarros". Literally "turd smeller"

  10. I was thinking presure washer, similar results.

  11. My favorite name for them in Spanish comes from Arabic, ALMAJANEQUE

  12. Damn, I can’t stop thinking about that chapter in Silmarillion where Feanor and his army fought Morgoth’s and suddenly legion of Balrogs charged from the gates and completely crushed the elves & Feanor. I would give absolutely anything to see it in live action someday.

  13. Seeing how fast that AI thing goes it could become possible

  14. Wait, are you saying that in addition to receiving one’s regular pay while on vacation, a person also receives a half a month of extra pay on top of that? Like a bonus for taking a vacation?

  15. In Spain your yearly wage is usually divided in 14 pays, so you get an extra pay on july and december, they're called the double.

  16. What could those possibly be other than dicks

  17. They should be in the male/female symbols section.

  18. That finding the clitoris is not, as I had been led to believe by pop culture jokes, an impossible adventure requiring endless amounts of cunning, fortitude, and a sherpa guide. Like, it's literally right there. It's impossible to not find. I have no idea what that joke is about.

  19. Sometimes it's a bit hard to pin point when I'm relying only on the sense of touch while busy making out.

  20. As a person from Andorra, I find it upsetting to see the rivalry you have between yourselves. Regions, provinces, even towns.

  21. Exactly most people aren’t searing a big slab o meat ~ these people prolly boiling some water for noodles ~ Merica has a boner for kitchen venting

  22. My grandma once told me that something might had happend to her mother that never told anyone because her younger sisters names were Angustias, Consuelo and Esperanza in that order.

  23. Great explanation.. thanks so much! I hadn’t heard tía used as “girl” either. That’s one of the reasons this sub is so useful (non- literal translations), Etc

  24. I think dude could be translated in most contexts as tío, and tía is its femenine version.

  25. Refrigerador? Quien dice refrigerador?

  26. All that water going that fast in and out of your ear look painful.

  27. then you don't have the poos I do, because I bidet never does a good enough job

  28. An addon bidet is not really a bidet, on a regular bidet you use your hands to clean your butt the same way you'd do in the shower but wetting only your hands and butt.

  29. I’m from the US. Metric is better, and if you don’t agree, you haven’t done enough thermodynamic calculations with the imperial system.

  30. The first time I saw the sizes of an imperial wrech set I said out loud wtf.

  31. Quien dice vending machine? Y para lo de running, siempre he escuchado lo de “salir a correr”, lo de running es repipi

  32. Vending machine no, lo que sí he oído mucho es máquina de vending. Lo triste es que no recuerdo como las llamaba antes de que popularizara lo de vending, creo que era "la máquina" a secas.

  33. Soy más de illo, killo, shurra, sosio, cabesa, ompare, pisha, pishita, nota, jipi, jambo...

  34. Jambo! Hahahaha esta hacía por lo menos 25 que no la oía. Menudo viaje al pasado que me acabas de dar.

  35. Use spent cooking oil for specially scented lamp.

  36. Step 4 doesn't look easy if the flag has any considerable size and you don't have a big enough table.

  37. Was just gonna say... when in tech support do you tell someone to turn it on and off again? That makes no sense. You ask them to turn it off and on again.

  38. I turned it on and then it turned itself off for some reason.

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