1. damn i’m wishing i paid more attention in physics class rn

  2. time put my big boy pants on and get ready to destroy a lung

  3. Do they break up easy? I can't imagine you find a 5g rock and just say, "fuck it, I guess I'm waking up next week."

  4. hahahaha yeah it was quite sad having to break it up. my eyes go so big when i pulled it out and then i was like there’s no way in hell i can even smoke a 1/4 of this rn. but yeah they break up pretty easily, just a little bit of force

  5. Interesting how the water from the bottom chamber gets transferred to the top. Does this happen all the time or did you just put in higher water levels for the stack vid? I have an old stem8 and haven’t noticed it happen much but it’s not a triple.

  6. it doesn’t happen usually, i put a little too much water in there on accident and stacked it too much hehe

  7. Top 5 favorite bongs/setups I’ve seen in this sub easily

  8. Thanks for sharing. I like seeing pieces and then going to look at the artist’s other stuff. I love the style of this. It reminds me of a very colorful sunset

  9. definitely. amber purple has so many different hues in it and colors it’s so cool, and on an area as big as this perc it really gives it a chance to show all that variation

  10. yeah as the other guy said before, clear on this whole piece is around 700. mine fully accented was around 1500 and then i also have an ash catcher that was made for it as well that was extra

  11. some top tier smoke you got there. what do you think of cannabis chris? never tried his stuff but always wanted to

  12. the dry catch and slide were both made by Elmolloboro on instagram

  13. sky glass makes some straights that also have showerhead percs in it for that price point. really well made

  14. very good choice. get some thicker glass (5mm thick+) and you will be chilling

  15. The standard pro with 3D should rip the same as the guardian right? Or did they do something extra with the guardian?

  16. yeah it rips the same. although the lines in the guardian glass make it slosh water a little more than the stock pro glass

  17. That is the strangest Swiss perc I’ve ever seen (in a good way!)

  18. thank you hahaha, it’s definitely a unique one but the X pattern with the holes just creates such a nice function

  19. First thing i said was damn this thing probably hits smooth af

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