1. This is hitting home for me too... I'm finally realizing I'm addicted to weed..I have to have it ALL the time...I can't just try to taper off using it either...Like I love it,I love how it makes me feel - or not feel, I can't imagine not smoking...But I have to quit, I just don't know how... I'm glad my medical card expired cause now I don't hand ready access, but of course I went and bought some since it was expiring so I sabotaged my own quitting....Like what is wrong with me? I'm scared... I'm going to lose everything..

  2. So you were the type of smoker who would basically get high as soon as you got home? Needing that "Ahhhhh" relief of the weed... Because that's me, and I can't figure out how to replace that, or get over it.

  3. That's me too! As soon as I get in my car sometimes too...I can't wait till I even get home some days....

  4. This really hits home with me too, this awful mentality is how I would justify not driving 90 minutes to see my family because I wanted to be lazy and smoke and be high... Like what the hell? 8 years have come and gone, and I don't know what the hell happened. I feel like I've been a bystander in my own life. But I've been proactive in my career.. and that's actually it. My social life is dogshit. I'm a social person, and I have friends at work, but now I can't socialize like a normal human I guess. I've had the thought of quitting for a while now, but recently I've actually wanted to quit... The money alone would be so helpful.

  5. This is hitting home for me too... I'm depresses all the time, anxiety through the roof, I don't want to leave my house, I just want to smoke...all my relationships are broken and burning or non existent, I'm not a social butterfly like i was cause i don't want to be around people, , I lost my job and can't pass drug tests to get a new one even with fake pee or detox drinks, I'm going to lose everything in my life and it's not fair to my 7yr old...I want to quit, but then I just smoke to make myself not feel those ways but I always feel worse after I smoke cause of the anxiety/stress...Like what is wrong with me that I can't quit? I can for a few days then I'm back...

  6. I think you just saved my life with that "petioles" link...THANK YOU 💜

  7. One of my personal favorites! Love this strain! How did you like it?

  8. I'm about to try it now... I'll update you! Good to know it's a fav for you...Thanks!!

  9. If it’s a DOT position it’s a no go, if warehouse/operations they no longer disqualify for marijuana card or not

  10. So should I tell then I have a card? Or you mean they will still hire me if I have marijuana in my pee??? Like they don't care about it?

  11. Airopro got back to me...They said that is the new design of the carts and it will work with that disc in it...If you can't get it to work try to clean your pen...If you still have issues, contact the dispensary you got yours from and hopefully they will replace it like they did mine...but definitely do NOT pull that silver disk thing out!!!

  12. Since I pulled out that silver plug disk thing I see an exposed wire and now it definitely won't hit.... 😭😭

  13. THIS. Just twist the cart a little, not forcefully, once you drop it in the battery, it's like it just needs to get the perfect connection then it's good, but I've had multiple AiroPro carts like that and they work fine

  14. I pulled out the silver disk thing so now it doesn't even work...

  15. Sorry I haven’t used the AeroPro carts yet. I’m curious if they’re worth buying. I have so many batteries already.

  16. I LOVE AiroPro... It's the only brand I use for carts...This is my 1st issue ever with them...I highly recommend Airopro

  17. I tried this from Canton Botonist....the flower was super super dry and burnt so quickly...Tricomes were EVERYWHERE too....I want to get more, but I don't want flowers that dry...It did taste good though and hit like it should....bit that dryness, uggghhhhhh......

  18. Mine was really dry. Everything else about it pretty good though. I don't know what they're doing check out there bud so dry with only a three and a half weeks cure time.

  19. I got some too and mine was super super dry and the tricomes were EVERYWHERE....It was good, but burned so quickly I was sad...I want to get more Ghouls and Ghosts but I'm sure if my bag was super dry the remaining bags will be too 😭😭😭

  20. I don't have time to drive to MI... I'll pay for saving time and gas, especially at the rate gas goes for these days!! Quick 15min drive and I'm there...LoL

  21. There is a Bud Tender at Canton Botonist named David...he has totally changed my medical game by taking time to explain soooooo much stuff to me...He is super, super knowledgeable and he actually cares about each patient he helps! I gladly will wait for him to wait on me when I go in because he has gotten me the right stuff every time. I have wasted so much money on things I hated because some of the other bud tenders don't care...David clearly DOES!! I walk out each time he's helped me happy and with more knowledge than I had before going in....

  22. I got RememberBerry last week and it was GREAT!!! I want to try Papaya, thanks for the info...

  23. I love the Orange Soda they make, the RootBeer and Gingerale...But don't buy them though if they aren't other favorite is Keef Lemonade (100mg), but I always drink them both in one go....I love the sodas!!

  24. Blueberry Cheesecake is the BEST Woodward...

  25. Airo Pro Carts are the best!!! My go to...potent, smooth, etc...I haven't had an AiroPro I didn't like yet!!

  26. Sherbhead is my Klutch go to if I can't get any Ice Cream Cake....Klutch is one of my favs...I haven't had any Klutch I didn't like and I've tried a bunch...

  27. I haven't had an Airo Cart I didn't like...My favorite is Midnight Moon, it's an Artisinal cart...They all hit smooth and hard and are potent...I think they last longer than normal carts...White Widow (it might have been Blue Widow) was a really good, potent one too... I've tried a bunch and it's always my go to Cart...The Artisinal carts are all YUMMY!!!

  28. Didn’t buy them for a long time because of the comments their employee had awhile back, and then tried their edibles and they sucked. Glad you’re happy but couldn’t say I’d pay that much for a half oz of smalls

  29. Explain what "smalls" are please....this is the first "smalls" I've had and even ever heard of it...Thank you

  30. That was a steal!! I love ICC!! My second favorite Garlic Cookie is my favorite

  31. Garlic Cookies didn't do much for me sadly...Klutch kicks me in my face and I LOVE IT EVERY TIME!!! 🤣🤷‍♀️🤣

  32. You can't go wrong with ANY Klutch!! I'm a total Klutch girl...I love the Ice Cream Cake, Mach1, Sherbhead, etc....

  33. Black Mamba is great!! My go to Airo is MidnightMoon, the taste is 🔥🔥...Melinda's Skittles is good too...All Airo Artisan carts are 🔥🔥🔥

  34. Go to you'll have your barcode for the dispensary in 24 hours

  35. It depends on your tolerance...the Keef lid has a measuring thing in it so you know how much you're dosing...I have a super high tolerance so I drink a bottle over a period of time and I'm good to go for the night....

  36. I rarely do eddies because of the fact I never feel them. I’ve had up to 150mg and had a small buzz and said f this let’s smoke a bowl

  37. Try one of the keef Drinks for sure...Trust me, you'll not be disappointed...Like I said my tolerance is wicked high and these drinks never let me down...

  38. Save some for the rest of us! Enjoy friend!

  39. I had trouble finding the ICC, it is my most favorite...Sherb is pretty good, this is the first I've tried the Mach....I wish I knew what Klutch's growth cycle was, I can't find flower I like when Klutch isn't available....any suggestions?? I tried Garlic Cookies and thought it was meh....

  40. To me MAC (Miracle Alien Cookies) is TRASH compared to MAC 1. Mac 1 has been one of my favorites. You’ll love it. I’ve never had Sherb, I’ve had ICC from a different company I think.

  41. I've never had the Mac, Just this Mac1 and it's awesome!!!!!

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