1. Have you ever been in an abusive relationship? Do you honestly think you’d have had the foresight to write this and use it as a tool to recognize abusers? And actually be able to enforce a boundary and walk away if he didn’t sign it?

  2. Hope these comments are helpful, they are helping me. I feel like a bit of an idiot but hey I am trying.

  3. People on Reddit so often act like “just talk about it” is so easy. But it’s not at all that easy for many of us. Having help with HOW to talk is so helpful. Im hoping these tips will be anyway.

  4. I’m following this too. I’ve tried before but find this so hard to bring up without seemingly hurting his feelings. Like I get he’s just not a super Dominant guy and that’s fine but it’s so hard feeling like you can’t even discuss it without hurting feelings. Because his drive is low enough without becoming self conscious and just deciding to have less sex 😕

  5. Yes. It is an option. It doesn’t work for me personally due to the pain of insertion/removal and irregular excessive bleeding. But it does work for some

  6. Same here. I tried and bled for months on end. And then had the pain of removal to look forward to. No thanks.

  7. Unless you have a problem with excess earwax buildup, in which case you should see a doctor, you don't need to clean your ears. Ears are self-cleaning. The amount of earwax that is in them is supposed to be there, it's not "dirt."

  8. But is it good or bad? Like is it letting you know you’re on the right path in life or you’re on the wrong one?

  9. I wouldn’t want to waste too much time traveling, but the ocean is near. I’d probably try to spend it there with loved ones

  10. Logic and math are quite different IME. While math skills are helpful, I find many humanities/philosophy minded people are great at programming

  11. In the United States, we do. I can’t accidentally put regular gas in my diesel car. The nozzles are different

  12. In Canada the handle on the diesel nozzle is always yellow, and has a big warning label on the back of it

  13. I’m sorry she was mean and dismissive of a hobby you enjoy. That wasn’t nice or supportive and I’d be hurt too if my partner spoke to me that way.

  14. Thanks! I will definitely think about a calendar. Than may just helps a bit. The jugement came out of nowhere honestly :/

  15. Having a shared Google calendar has really been beneficial for my house. It’s hard to remember everything going on

  16. Honestly, store brand rising crust pizza always hits the spot. Kroger has the best that I've had so far, and for a pretty decent price.

  17. It’s a graduate level legal theory that isn’t taught in schools, except law school and graduate programs where it is relevant

  18. Then why are people freaking out about it and little kids?

  19. Because using false outage to drive votes is the new in thing. They are preying on a lack of understanding & bad information

  20. Let's say I already owned my house outright before the marriage, and earned twice what she made.

  21. Assuming US - the cheating wouldn’t be a factor in most cases, but I’d expect you to leave the marriage with the property you had coming in (the house). You may have to share what was earned during the marriage (including 401k type stuff, property appreciation). Alimony is exceededingly rare in the US these days. In most normal situations only those things earned during the marriage are spilt

  22. Most states do not assess “blame” in a divorce and the division of assets is about equitable distribution, not “taking half your stuff”. Many economic factors come into play, typically more about choices made as a couple regarding employment choices and standard of living

  23. You might have a food trap - a space between your teeth that is just more likely to catch and hold food. It’s not a sign something is wrong per se, it’s normal to have uneven gaps in teeth, but they are annoying!

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