1. Whoa buddy, settle down. Take a quick breath real quick so we can walk through this. If you perceived something aggressive and targeted, you need to re-read what I wrote.

  2. Bruh okay fair enough. I get it, it was not targeted at me - you just replied to me personally and said I probably hit a personal wall so I took it all in personal context. You're correct in the scarring of reddit, it's been a long day it's 4 in the morning and I was in defensive mode after some other convos. Fair enough homie I apologise and hope we cool. You recognised my points and I have now recognised yours. I'm cool with that

  3. All good man, hope you got some good rest and wish you the best.

  4. Yo thanks for de-escalating. I was super tired and grumpy but you did a good job bro.

  5. Happened at schoolies, nobody gave a fuck bc we were just so worried about him since he went missing one night but turned out he met a hot bro and stayed with him. “you being gay changes nothing man, just don’t fucking walk off drunk/high and not send us a text, we were fucking so worried ya muppet”

  6. It would have been interesting if some characters would be immune to sub-zero clime, like Eula and Albedo. I wouldnt implement this in the game but they are often in dragonspine and we know that they are somewhat resistant to sheer cold.

  7. This seems much more reasonable, instead of a cooking or crafting % chance you get reduced freeze by x%

  8. I mean considering canonically it's just the traveler exploring dragonspine, thus experiencing the effects of sheer cold

  9. Everything that I’ve seen on male vs. female reaction times says the opposite. Can you point me towards a source?

  10. Can I see a source for your comment also posting so I can see the source for the other redditors comment! I'd love to learn more about all this, this thread is fascinating

  11. Yeah in the US and the UK it's outdated and insulting. It gives a bad idea of what it is to be in a chair full time. We are not glued or stuck to our wheelchairs, and our chairs enable us to do a lot more than needing one and not having one. it's not bad being in a wheelchair and the words "wheelchair bound" have a negative implication for that. The problem is the general ableist, inaccessible world we are living in. When other disabled people hear someone gets a wheelchair, usually it's a positive reaction. When an abled bodied person hears someone's getting a wheelchair, their reaction is usually negative.

  12. Also sometimes its bad being in a wheelchair. I've been thrown off it into the street with traffic because of bad pavement (contacted council and they fixed it straight away) I had two like 15-16 yo school girls that thankfully stopped traffic and helped me back up. Sometimes I couldn't actually enter old buildings because of their inconclusive design. But it also is amazing being in a wheelchair because you get to go places you couldn't go while paralysed! I do see the chair as a positive thing, sorry if I came off wrong, I just know I personally had a lot of bad experiences (dad raging at me because my wheelchair is in the front of my bedroom door and slightly inconveniences him getting into the bathroom door). I was speaking from personal experience not as a true voice of wheelchair users. I'm a complete advocate for them making more inclusive buildings and elevators etc.

  13. I'm sorry you had those problems, but even in your wording... you're recognising that the wheelchair wasn't the problem, the ableism was. Your Dad making you feel like it was in the way. I doubt he'd feel his legs were ever in the way or he'd be pretty justifiably pissed if anyone tried to make him feel like his legs were in the way. The chair didn't throw you out of it, the poorly maintained pavement did and could have easily tripped up anyone walking, too.

  14. Wow. I literally have nothing to say but thank you. You are completely right... I have a lot to think about, you've really opened my eyes about the whole situation. I truly did internalise those bad experiences in the incorrect way...

  15. Wirh BPD its tough. Don't think I'll ever tell acquitances, let alone strangers tbh

  16. My family and close friends know, that’s about it. If I start seeing someone and it becomes serious and heading towards a relationship I let them know. I dont think it’s fair to them if i don’t tell them. BPD fuckin succckkkssss. But as someone else said, it’s easier to relate to people with the same condition. It REALLY didn’t help that amber heard/j Depp situation and people really hard stigmatise it 😭

  17. I’m the complete opposite with mine where pretty much everyone around me on a regular basis knows I have bpd, I’m very open and honest about it which is admittedly terrifying at times, but it’s also kind of helped me in a way? It definitely puts me in a weird place of “omg I need to shut up” or “oh god am I just faking it” at the same time. Nobody has treated me any different after finding out, and it’s actually worked to my advantage because at work for example, I can look at my coworker and tell them that I need to go outside and kick some shit and they don’t think I’m crazy for it. Even when it’s the little things that set me off! Most people have been understanding because they have family that deals with mental health issues or they themselves have them. I may just also be extremely lucky when it comes to where I work and who I hang out with and just be surrounded by empathetic people…

  18. I worked at company x for two and a half years as it first opened. Full time hours on casual rate because i was such a hard worker and id always cover peoples shifts. Not once did I have an issue and I brought my med box (like a blister pack) because sometimes I’d work double shifts at the venue or stay late up to 14-16 hour shifts. Annyyway I eventually moved to a new city then like 4-5 years later I came back to company x which had a new venue manager. I disclosed my information in the paperwork and when the new vm found out I was taking Valium and other things, he freaked out and send me a huge form that basically was like, get a doctor to fill out these forms because of how stigmatised it was. I got all the forms filled out, had my hours cut (luckily I got called in all the time from the actual floor managers bc they knew me from the start). THEN, the new vm is so against me having to take my prescribed medication at work, head office sends a copy of the exact same form, even though they had a copy. I quit there eventually because the vm just treated me so differently and it fucking sucked. Not all strangers understand mental illness or what it comes with sadly.

  19. I played a match as artist a few days ago, 2 dead, 2 gens, pentimento up, I chased a Felix until he just stopped and dropped his med kit. I ended up hanging out with him and the feng (I could tell they were swf) and showed them the totems so they could get the gens done and escape. Both added me as a friend and were super nice and I'll swf with them soon. Sometimes it's just nice to be nice?

  20. Nasty spirit : mother daughter/cherry blossom & meta perks. Pallet spirit : kintsugi teacup/uchiwa & enduring/hubris/spirit fury/brutal strength. My actual spirit build : muddy cap/kaiun talisman & stridor/bbq/cob/no 4th perk Just throwing my 2 cents out there, spirit is a beast without perks, add ons are pretty important. The fake phase only works on low mmr players or if you move and face a direction she would attack from.

  21. Fake phase works more than you’d think, but I suspect because no one really plays spirit anymore.

  22. I definitely use fake phase to allow my ability to recharge again, and you're right it does work sometimes but spirit just ain't what she used to be. Still main her tho and yeah the cap and talisman the most.

  23. Why plague hag and wraith? I'm not a fan of looping vs the artist but they're not *too* bad. Spirit is just not fun at all, even with the changes that took her from stupid op to just very hard to play against. But the others? All incredibly fun to play against.

  24. Me : a spirit main and artist main when in a chat (spirit needs silence to hear where you are) 😭💀 i am so sorry. They are just so fun to play as!

  25. I mean looping against the artist isn't bad, but it's less engaging than other killers because of the lack of options. It basically devolves into leave loop or die, which gets a little tiresome and removes some of the mind game aspects that I enjoy, but it's still somewhat enjoyable.

  26. Yeah all your points are valid and true (I still think nurse is worse than pre nerf spirit tho). Yeah I run stridor from time to time and I can definitely hear you breathing. I completely understand where you are coming from and the only thing I can say is spirit is crazy fun to play. I'm on console so some killers are far harder - spirit is completely fine on console.

  27. It actually isn't Shaggy, it's a character named Norville. Which in my opinion is worse.

  28. Shaggys real name is norville just fyi. Its cannon regardless on if you hate it (i haven’t watched it so I can’t have an opinion)

  29. Yep, this is a result of human-caused selective breeding causing them to be painfully much larger and more deformed than their natural counterpart, that if they did continue to live they'd be disabled and prone to infection and illness.

  30. Thank you for speaking facts. People just don’t know how bad the industry truly is. Dominion is a great documentary that gives a bit more insight to anyone that is curious where your food comes from.

  31. Nah us ps users have no way of interacting with a survivor unless they are public profile and you send them a message saying gg. The icons do nothing, reporting people does nothing (unless you provide footage of what they did). Its a bad system but its all we got.

  32. That's most possibly that. Unfortunately after such a long time recovery chance are very small. Do you have a dropping foot ? There is several good orthesis option if so.

  33. YES I have drop foot! I had an elastic thing that goes on my ankle and under the laces of my shoes. My ankle can't move up past 90 degrees

  34. Ah yes we call that one Liberty in EU. You definitely have fibular nerve entrapment. Not sure any surgery could have done anything at the time. Other options are ankle-foot orthosis, plastic or carbon.

  35. Awesome link I'll be grabbing some of those. Fibular nerve entrapment or "perineal nerve dysfunction" is so fucking accurate I cannot believe I've never heard of this. You are amazing lll be talking to my doctor and physio about this. You possibly just gave me an answer... after years of not knowing. Again, I'll have to check with my gp etc but I cannot thank you enough. You are an amazing human and I hope you have a wonderful day/life.

  36. Wendall and Wild on Netflix is a blast! . When I was a kid tho my two favorite movies were Jurassic Park and The Mummy with Brendan Fraser, and I think those are both horror adjacent and relatively family friendly

  37. I watched the mummy when I was young. Had nightmares about the scarab getting under my skin for months 💀

  38. Only two episodes in, as an (fake) Aussie I find it pretty funny. Idk if the Australian specific humor is that funny to non Aussies though.

  39. (Fake) aussie? You mean him pretending to be aus or are you from nz? (im sorry I couldn’t help it, i love you kiwis)

  40. They can see the Survivor holding the key. It's admittedly small and kind of difficult, but if they seem to have one balled fist, it's because they have a key or a flashbang/firecracker.

  41. They also wont do animations like they usually would (mikaeylah pulling out her book, ada hands on hips etc)

  42. You see spine chill light up, get off the gen. If you don't run spine chill, start doing so or enjoy getting shot through walls while I'm undetectable.

  43. I get why that’s important against phead (I assume), but it’s not optimal usage for a perk slot. Do you have any other tips for phead? Perks aside

  44. Well if you can't run spine chill for some reason, always try to work on the side of the gen that will give you the best view of the other side of a nearby wall if possible.

  45. What a slippery slope, we all know for a fact that Nurse is broken and herself has held back some perks

  46. Why is this downvoted? Nurse breaks core chase mechanics and has been the reason perks have been changed. Nothing soso37c said was wrong.

  47. Anyone who says "it's all about how much you play" are either basement dwellers or really really good because I have to struggle for these.

  48. Do 2 gens, pop 2 totems, 2 saves, 2 chases. Insta-pip/double pip. You have to spread out your gameplay instead of being the only person chased or the only person on gens. That should easily help you reach iri 1. It really really is not hard whatsoever, its just knowing what to do to please the entity.

  49. Yeah. That’s not not this works at all for most cattle or most of the world. Very few “farms” or people do things this way. If you want good food be it meat or vegetables or anything you have to grow it properly. So a lot of places do. So generalizing that all cattle are raised horribly is the same as saying all people on Reddit are stupid and never go outside and see how the real world works.

  50. Hahahahahhaahahaa… bahahahahahahahaha you’re serious aren’t you? I grew up on a dairy farm and my uncles all own cattle and hunt. Dont even try to pretend you know how the most of the world operates to kill like 80 billion land animals for food each year. Have you even seen industrial farming? Omg what a nonce

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