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  1. No, but the manga isnt over yet, and tbh it dosent become a full blown addiction until later on

  2. Oh, it gets worst? Well, kinda to be expected because he keeps having to gamble in order to survive.

  3. I guess sometimes it's not easy to defeat the system, just like we're talking thru computers right now, pretty pro capitalism of our part even if we don't want to

  4. I do not mean a "we did it guys, captalism is no more!". Defeating it like that is unrealistic, but stopping being a slave to it is a victory by itself.

  5.  "Within no time, I could feel the shitty man fat weeping from my brown mile and all over my roast beef platter. With his cheese-crusted cock slamming deep into my cock holster, the sensation of his love lollipop smashing my cervix made me quake like jelly. The plowing of my cocoa channel was so vigorous, he soon found his trouser conkors joining his batter blaster deep in my turd cutter. The unrelenting orgasms from his gristle missile hammering my south mouth made me come so hard, I began sweating like a fat slag in a disco. With my open-faced ham sandwich now much like the south end of a badger going north, he thought it was time to start plunging my poo pipe. Is now the time to tell him I really need to extrude a stink pickle, I wondered?"

  6. Ah yes the Steins;Gate Worldline but without the grind for it. At least Draken and Emma are married at the end.

  7. Okarin just had to belive in his friends to save them. How could he not realize that!?

  8. Well you can always read for the old man Sato!

  9. Yakuza 4. Not so fun combat and too many annoying twists and betrayal.

  10. This is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding this is father son bonding

  11. I live in Brazil and i have to say that this may be real. Shit here is wild as fuck.

  12. I remember hearing this same story at summer camp in the 90's, but it was a hooker that could sing The Star Spangled Banner because muh freedoms

  13. Brazil is stuck in a time loop. The story is still true. Trust me.

  14. A writer told me that it is the one where the story was moving naturally, that is, it is the inevitable result of the progress of the story, but it is still surprising to the reader.

  15. Anon should stop using 4chan. It's not worth of his presence.

  16. Tetsuo as a "human": Murder, dismemberment, using another as a escape plan, etc.

  17. Not sure if it's the same in Japanese, but Tetsuo also said he gave up to Kubo in the flash forward scene in the beginning of part 2. Sounds like he's about to do some diabolical shit to Kubo

  18. We have thought that Tetsuo was talking about himself. How wrong were we...

  19. Just read everything. Can't belive that a femboy MC is more chad that a lot of other Romcoms MCs (like Rent a Girlfriend)

  20. It went better than expected. Hope he becomes less of a yandere though, he deserves hapiness someway.

  21. Agree. I get why she did that but i also think that she did not had much of a choice at the time.

  22. Please give the father a good ending. Not a full good one, but one that he can have a chance to give his love to another and be healthly reciprocal.

  23. The relationship with the mother is wholesome her daughter scares me

  24. Yeah. But the whole wholesome pack is needed. The harder the choice, the strongest is the will. He has to get out without traumas, or so a hope.

  25. Kaiji. A man showing a paper in his hand gave me more fear than a lot of scary shit.

  26. THANK YOU. But there's one about a guy being a termal bath or something. That one is real. 😔

  27. Does it has a good ending (by good i mean one that makes sense, a satisfactory one)? I may start to read it if so.

  28. He does not shows the charisma and intelect the author says he has. That makes him powerfull without real reason

  29. Yeah, dude is pretty much a discount Johann Liebert at this point.

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