1. BF4 had the best gunplay and good skill ceiling level. BF1 had the best Atmospheric chaos. I like both of them to the same level. 2042 was not a BF game at all.

  2. No. Because BF veterans tends to play as soldiers, not as specialists.

  3. First person animation to get in was ok. But not good for getting out. BF1’s way was much better than BFV

  4. Already half of specialist characters looks like this. So we don't need that at all.

  5. In EA's dictionary, late means last always.

  6. EA's file size compression tech was very great

  7. I think, the next Battlefield will be coming on 2024. It might be a modern setting game. I just want to see BF3 remake like game.

  8. It’s real. Indian army camel cavalry corp regiment.

  9. zavod and siege of shanghai are the best,imo.

  10. If the next game had specialists or hero shooter system, it will also certainly become a flop.

  11. Remove all the specialist characters and make the audio design like BF3 or 4. It will become a good game.

  12. Dice needs to revamp the audio design first. Otherwise, this will feel like a airsoft gun like other vault weapons.

  13. Assault looks already too op. Hope Rao will hack every claymores.

  14. Wasn’t bf1 more or less the same as previous games?

  15. BF1 was more like the previous games. It had a better quality when compared to BFV, imo.

  16. The gun play experience feels like that I was playing COD before 2018. imo, BF4 has the best gunplay experience. Then, the overall Audio design sucks. The Audio designer must be fired first. Every gun feels like a airsoft.

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