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  1. Can someone link it? I literally can't figure out how to get to the search function in the shop anymore. My app is different. I even tried loading the desktop version but there's no search bar!


  3. Michael Pollan "Eat food, not too much, mostly plants" Eating disorder mantra material right there.

  4. Could be related to the effect blood sugar has on vision.

  5. This just reminded me that the Tatcha lucky bag event should be coming up soon. I'm pretty sure it's usually the first week of January. I've gotten them the last two years and was very pleased with the amount and quality of the items. Here's a post with an unboxing from last year:

  6. It is on Tatcha. Sorry I didn't specify that. Maybe I shouldn't mention it here? I got excited seeing op's pictures of all the Tatcha goodies and just wanted to share incase any of us other Tatcha lovers wanted to know.

  7. There. I gave it a hood ornament. You're welcome.

  8. I wonder why they are only imposing this on some people. When I'm on Ipsy, the header for the second chance add-ons boasts free shipping. Do other's have this? I added one $3 item to test it, and it still was free shipping.

  9. On the cap, there should be a pointy thing built into it for seal stabbing.

  10. No beard should be allowed to hide that chin dimple. Looking damn fine, mister! Congrats :)


  12. If you get both Ultimate and Plus, the extra mascara may be a bonus to make up for the fact that you are getting two of the same bags. I get both, and Ipsy sent me an email around September 23rd saying that for that reason, they will send me a full sized Trestique mascara. I forgot all about that until I read that you got a surprise mascara.

  13. Must have been that lesson he taught Thurman that got him thinking about education.

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